Sunday, December 18, 2011

Articles of Peter Gabriel I've Written

Sorry for the self-indulgence, but I'm just trying to gather together the best of the many web articles I've done about Peter Gabriel's biography. Who knows -- maybe someone will enjoy reading these. Stranger things have happened. I didn't write the PG article in this Italian magazine but it's a good image and it's my blog so there.

Peter Gabriel, BC (Before Charterhouse)

Why Is Peter Gabriel So Slow?
Why do fish swim? Why do birds fly?

Black and White Photography Brings Out True Beauty Talks about the making of the So cover.

Sexy Hair Loss Solutions For Men Where I chronicle PG's losing battle against baldness.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Remember 1986? Peter Gabriel Asks Fans For Memories of So

Quick update this time around. If you have memories, memorabilia, press clippings, autographs or even weird diary entries realting to So, Gabriel's most popular album to date, Real World wants to hear from you.

In 2012, Gabriel is hoping to release a special anniversary edition of So, including the best of what fans submit. Entires close 9 January 2012.

I wonder if they'd like to read some So-inspired erotic dreams I had at the time?

Nah, I didn't think so.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peter Gabriel Live at Letterman Concert Reivew and More

I finally managed the concert review from November 9. Enjoy.

In other Gabriel fun, I also wrote Top 10 Misconceptions About Peter Gabriel.

PG's touring wraps up today in Mexico for 2011. He may go back to New York City to check in on Witness and relatives, but usually he takes most of December off. This time around he has a great reason for staying at home -- his first grandchild, a boy, is expected in December.

My health continues to plummet, but at least now I can sit up. I'm still working on the new blog Dreaming of Peter which is now monetized. I'm also spending a lot of time trying to find new clients, since most of my old clients had a financially catastrophic 2011.

Had an interesting conversation with my Mom. We were watching a Rolling Stones concert. I asked Mom, "So -- does Keith Richards look more like a vampire or a zombie?"

"Zombie," Mom sanswered without hesitation. "You have to be good looking to be a vampire."

Anyway, let's end with an interview done with Jools Holland earlier this year:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things Aren't So Great At the Moment

I'm still working on the review of Peter Gabriel at Live On Letterman. Since I'm not getting paid for the review, it has slipped down my priority list.

Peter and the New New Blood Orchestra went to South America for his final tour of 2011. Unfortunately, things got to a really rocky start at the SWU Music Festival in Brazil, which ultimately resulted in PG and his oldest daughter Anna receiving death threats from fans of a Brazilian band.

On my 42nd birthday (when PG played in Argentina) I had to go for an in-office, fully-awake-for-this uterine biopsy (which I think is the title of Stephen King's next novel.) The procedure had to be stopped because my cervix refused all admissions. Now I know what it's like to be raped by a Clydesdale. Why do doctors always say, "You may feel some discomfort" when they really mean, "You're gonna wish you were DEAD!"

Unfortunately, work in my profession has come to a crawling stop. Fortunately, this means I suddenly have time freed up to start a blog that may bring in some oney (unlike this one.) It'll be about lucid dreaming and is tentatively titled Dreaming of Peter. I'm including a link to it but as you can see it's not ready for prime time (or Google AdSense) just yet.

Just for the heck of it, I'll close this post with a YouTube video of PG's cover of the Kinks' "Waterloo Sunset." Until next time:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Still Recovering from Peter Gabriel "Live on Letterman" Gig

Eventually, I'll get enough energy to write a proper review. Some highlights:

* I sat about row 9, directly in front of PG's mike stand.
* Adam from Real World managed to get many Pg fans free tickets at the last minute.
* I got Ben Foster and Tom Cawley's atuographs and chatted with them for a little.
* PG did stop and give about a dozen fans autographs
* I got a nod, wave and a "Thank you" from PG
* This guy sat in front of me.

PG, Ben, Tom and the New Blood Orchestra are currently in South America for his last mini-tour of 2011.

In the meantime, here's a clip of PG being interveiwed by David Letterman:

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Going to See Short Peter Gabriel Concert in New York City

Somehow I seem to have won a pair of virtual tickets to see Peter Gabriel and the latest incarnation of the New Blood Orchestra on the "Live at Letterman" music series. There was a very brief contest on for the forum members at Thanks to Adam at Real World for not forgetting about PG fans who dislike Facebook contests (or who are like me and are, erm, banned from PG's Facebook page.)

I got the good news on Wednesday, Nov 1 bit still haven't received my virtual ticket via email. If you're in the same boat I am in, emails will most likely not go out until Monday, Nov. 7.

There's been a few contests for these free (!) tickets on the Internet. You can only get in through these contests or by other sundry channels. You cannot purchase tickets through any outlet, even from The Late Show with David Letterman. The entire audience capacity at the Ed Sullivan Theatre is 1200, but this concert may be only 400 seats. Well, we'll find out when we get there.

Concert starts at 9pm but all ticket holders or "production guests" (ie -- your name is on the guest list) need to be at the Ed Sullivan Theater by 8pm sharp. We will NOT be getting in to the David Letterman show taped earlier that day, even Peter Gabriel is the guest musical artist.

Here's also the official Terms and Conditions for winning a coveted seat from Real World or whomever. Click over here to Real World's page. I'm sorry, but all constests are over. They were popping up so quick and entry time was so soon (and with me trying to figure out my unexpected NYC trip) I just did not have the time to post them all up.

Roll on Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Peter Gabriel On David Letterman Nov. 9

Peter Gabriel and the latest incarnation of the New Blood Orchestra will perform on David Letterman in the Ed Sullivan Theatre on Wednesday, November 9. Good luck getting tickets! Peter has been in New York since last week (or so) in order to rehearse for the mini Mexico & South American tour later this month. Looks like he's decided to do a brief dress rehearsal.

The Village Voice is offering a competition to win one pair of tickets open until 5 pm EST Friday, November 3.

For those not familiar with David Letterman, PG will most likely do two songs, with only one going to broadcast. Many musical guests play an extra song just for the audience but whether PG will do this is unknown. He may also do a short interview with Letterman-- or not. And yes, Letterman is a fan. (At least, he was in 1994).

Last month in London, Real World managed to secure some pairs of tickets for PG fans on their mailing list for PG's concert with the BBC Orchestra. I'm looking at my email and still no message from Real World offering me a ticket. (Sigh.)

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Good Peter Gabriel News: BBC 2 Concert

Peter Gabriel and the BBC Orchestra recorded a free concert at the Mermaid Theatre on 19 October. An edited version of the concert was aired 20 October and will online from BBC iPlayer until 27 October. In a pleasent suprise, many PG fans living outside of the UK were able to hear the broadcast -- including me. I still haven't come down yet from this unexpected PG high!

This concert is such a treat. Yes, there are some audible glitches, but they give a live gig it's charm, don't they? Yes, four songs were cut out from the final broadcast. But what remains is still crackin' good stuff with lots of passion, tension and release. If you are a PG fan (and I know you are) drop everything and go hear this. (Torrents of the concert may also be available on Genesis -- The Movement.)

It's been a roller-coaster of a year for this Peter Gabriel fan. I got a new CD New Blood and news of a tour of North America -- and could not afford tickets; Mom got very sick and now has osteosporosis; and I just received a temporary diagnosis of adenomyosis. I got banned from the PG Facebook page but was allowed back on the PG Forums. I've received some information from sources I will not reveal that this year that my Internet writings have managed to piss off:

1) Dickie Chappell, Real World's head engineer and part-time photographer
2) Rachael H., PG staff member
3) Peter Gabriel -- yeah THAT Peter Gabriel -- the same guy I've been in love with since June 15, 1986


And yet, there has been this lovely concert dropped into my lap for free. Sure, I wasn't in the audience, but the sound was INCREDIBLE. Thanks to lucky audience member and long-time Gabriel fan David Gurl for providing me the public link to BBC iPlayer and posting this photo on his Facebook page. Listening to this concert was having Halloween, Christmas and losing my virginty all at once.

Off to bask in the afterglow (pun intended.)

The Bad Peter Gabriel News: No More

About 17 years ago, a Peter Gabriel and Apple fan forever to be known as MacCat started what was then the web's first comprehensive Peter Gabriel fan site. It preceded Radio Real World and Many other sites have come and gone (including my short lived site, "In rraven's Eyes".) But after 12 or so years of doing free work and having to quickly find another server, MacCat had to call it quits. Life just gets complicated that way.

Others tried to take it on, but trying to run a free fan site can be terribly stressful. Trust me -- I know. I considered taking over the site and realized that with my poor health and my Mom's poor health (and accidentally pissing off Real World engineer Dickie Chappel), I couldn't do a good job of it. The last admin, Jakks, let the domain expire. Why -- I don't know. is no more. included extensive information on PG news, music, the unparalleled Peter Gabriel Scrapbook and unmatched humorous bits. MacCat, who wrote as the head of a fictitious "Solsbury Committee", took snark to a whole new level years before the word "snark" became common slang. MacCat published some of my criticisms of PG's music (I was the one who wrote "I Go Swimming: Lost PG Gem or Just Something to Do?") as well a humorous bit comparing Peter Gabriel to guinea pigs (and there are a hell of a lot of comparisons.)

MacCat (and Stephen King) both heavily influenced my writing style. Even though my writing career has temporarily stalled due to the worldwide economic recession, I still had a few years where I paid my bills doing what I loved -- writing. Thank you, MacCat, wherever you are.

With gone, it's like losing the last part of my childhood. I am now truly old.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peter Gabriel Doing a Whole Mess of Promos for New Blood

If you're a Peter Gabriel fan and did NOT know that his new album New Blood was released last week you offically live under a rock. The last time Peter and his team campaigned so hard on an album was Up (2002.) He's probably been interviewed by journalists from other planets by the time you are reading this. Some highlights:

* Pt 2 of Rolling Stone Interview
* The Arts Desk interview
* PG being stroppy Also note the facepalm-worthy caption that the ever-so-sharp Express put under his photo.

I was hoping to put a link here to my review of New Blood, but my client has been sitting on it for over two weeks. I think I'll just ask the client to delete it since everyone else's reviews have been published.

Overall, I'm disappointed with New Blood. It suffers in comparison to the live shows. If you haven't seen the live shows, then you're in for a treat. Only 3 songs on New Blood are worth the money:

* Red Rain
* Intruder
* Mercy Street

Jury's still out on Darkness and Wallflower. All of the others just do not touch the live versions.

I'm also pissed off that PG wrote a really soppy dedication to his second wife in the liner notes. The last time he dedicated an album to his wife, So (1986) she asked for a divorce about a year later. And no, I don't want him to go through another divorce (like I ever had a shot.) The first divorce put him in therapy for about 15 years -- a second one would probably kill him.

In personal news, my mysterious menstrual pains have returned. It feels like two people are inside me trying to tear my intestines open. (You gotta read a lot of Stephen King to come up with that similie.) I wish I could afford a hysterectomy because this suffering shit gets really old fast.

But let's end on a happy note. This is the world's shortest version of Wallflower, recorded earlier today. The heavily pregnant background singer is Melanie, Peter's second child and youngest daughter. Until next time:

Sunday, October 02, 2011

BBC Be in the Audience Contest for Peter Gabriel 19 October (For UK residents only)

That's right. BBC2 has very quietly announced that Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra will do a one-off on 19 October to be broadcast on BBC2on 20 October. 225 pairs of tickets are being given away.

You only have until 5:20pm on Monday 3 October (yes, TOMORROW) to enter. Contest is open ONLY to UK residents. BBC notes that "you must make your own way to and from the event."


Saturday, October 01, 2011

2-Part Post: Peter Gabriel New Blood Played Free on Real World Oct 3 & Why It Sucks to be Me

Hello again, PG fans. New Blood now has a release date of Oct. 11 but you may hear to get to hear it for free on Monday, October 3 at Starting at noon GMT (which is about 7am EST) will play one track per hour. I'm not sure how this will work out and, odds are, neither will Real World. Good luck!

PG is doing his "traveling salesman" bit in doing tons of promo for New Blood. Here's a list of some of the more notable interviews:

* National Public Radio (a half-hour interview)
* Rolling Stone (just a snippet of the as-yet-to-be-published full interview; unfortunately it's only the usual "when is Genesis getting back together" crap)
* PG interviewed by Elbow's lead singer, Guy Garvey
* ABC (American) interview

That should keep you busy for a while.

Now the part about why it sucks to be me. PG fans can stop here if they are looking for more PG news.

I've basically had a headache since August. My strong anchor of a Mom has drastically deteriorated and keeps deteriorating before my eyes. I'm doing most of the household chores, taking care of the pets and my Mom. There's not much energy left over to making money by writing. Not surprisingly, this has lead to an upsurge in my major depression symptoms and well as a more-or-less total liquidation of my bank savings. The good part is that my doctor increased my dosage of two medications and that leaves me stoned until my body adjusts to the dosage. The bad part is that eventually my body will adjust.

Now is a good time for PG's version of Arcade Fire's "My Body is a Cage", filmed at Berkeley in 2011:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Are Peter Gabriel Fans Mentally Ill?

You know you've thought it. The answer is, "No." All Peter Gabriel fans are not mentally ill. Just some of us. I have been diagnosed with endogenous recurring depression, which is a mental illness. It's not a fun mental illness that makes you see neat things or go for days without sleep, but it's still an incurable mental illness.

Source of Misconception

PG himself began calling his fans "lunatics" back in 2002 in conjunction with the release of Up. (The moon was one of the major symbols of Up and the Growing Up Tour. "Luna" = moon. However, PG has kept using the term for nearly 10 years.) In a recent "Welcome to My Facebook Page" message, Peter says, "If you're a PG nut ..." in a way in which was probably not meant as a compliment.

Trickery of Memory

The human memory works on identifying patterns. This can be helpful, such as knowing that all animals with fangs may bite, but can also lead to generalizations in thinking, such as all Peter Gabriel fans are mentally ill. If you meet just one mentally ill Peter Gabriel fan, that's going to stick out in your memory. That strong memory will overshadow the other 30 normal Peter Gabriel fans. Mentally ill people are generally considered to be dangerous. Anything dangerous sticks out in your memory. Normal people are not dangerous and more easily forgettable. See how it works?

What If You Meet a Mentally Ill Peter Gabriel Fan?

It depends on the mental illness, how well it is managed and on just how much of a natural asshole the person happens to be. Liking Peter Gabriel's music, unfortunately, does not magically remove assholery from people. If you've ever met me, you've met a mentally ill PG fan. And I'm a natural asshole, but a harmless asshole. The worst I'll do is curse you out and talk about you behind your back. However, your wallet will remain in your pocket and your back will remain knife-free or any-other-weapon-free.

So now, that this issue is clear as mud, let's watch a video. This is a demo for a song called "Funny Man" that PG recorded in the 1970s but has never seen an official release. Until next time, kids, this is rraven off to pop a Prozac:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peter Gabriel's 3D Movie and Redesigned Webpage Receive Underwhelming Responses

It's a strange time to be a PG fan. Thanks to the Intenet, there's more material to access, but trying to find out new information about PG's projects can be just as difficult as back in the days of snail mail and rumors put out by Q magazine.

Peter's 3D concert film, Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra: LIVE in 3D has come and gone to Europe and North America (although whether France and Italy will get any screenings is unsure.) Publicity for the film was practically nil. Amazingly, this resulted in almost-empty cinemas -- either that or the few fans who went brought along a lot of extra empty chairs. Peter hmself did not begin doing publicity for the film until 11 September -- which was well after most areas had their one and only showing.

You have to wonder -- does Peter sometimes think, "I've really had it with being sucessful -- let's screw up for a change!"

Fans are divided about's completely new design. It's been the first major revamp since 2002. Most fans that I've talked to hate the new design -- "pig's ear" was the most memorable phrase used -- but a few of us actually like like it. (About six at my last informal count.)

Yes, that's right, folks -- I LOVE the new design. (Same to you.) It downloads faster on my old PC and doesn't give me a headache when I read the text. So, THERE. Kudos or complaints go to "cavedwellerrich" from Real World's staff for actually going onto the fan forums and taking some heat. I'm unsure why Rich picked the nickname "cavedwellerrich" but after dealing with PG fans all week, I'D sure as hell like to live in a cave.

Let's conclude this by looking at a snippet of PG's press conference in Montreal on 12 September:

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Peter Gabriel's "New Blood" To Be Released Week of 24 October

New Blood, PG's orchestral reworkings of his own songs done in the style of his last album, Scratch My Back (2010) has an official release date of October 24 or October 25 (depending on what country you live in.) Pre-orders are being taken by the usual suspects like Amazon and WOMADShop.

However, in all of the excitement, there's a bit of a problem. Not all of the songs given the SMB treatment will appear on one CD. If you want to get them all, you'll have to fork out for at least 3 CDs. For example, "Blood of Eden" appears on the "regular" version but not the Special Edition or the Deluxe Edition.

Apparently, if you order the album from WOMADShop you also get a free download of "Father Son" -- which does not seem to appear on any CD version. "Washing in the Water", which was released on iTunes and PG's Facebook page for a limited time, seems to have vanished.

A vinyl album of the regular version (and for now the regular version only) will be released on November 7.

I'll be passing on ANY version of New Blood for now, due to poor finances and the fact I'm getting a little tired of hearing reworked material rather than any NEW material.

Some other long-term fans are planning on passing at least two versions of New Blood out of protest of the way the songs are being released. There are some very interesting discussion about this from PG newbies and die-hards alike on's General forum. Some die-hards expressed extreme disappointment at Real World's super-capitalist decision to dole the tunes out like methadone at a rehab clinic.

I am also disappointed with the way the songs are being released. There also seems to be no reason for one track, "A Quiet Moment" which is NOT a PG song but "ambient noises recorded on Solsbury Hill."

FUCK THAT! I used to live with Solsbury Hill peeking over the tree lines across the River Avon. I have walked to it a couple of times, although I never bothered to go UP it as the real Solsbury Hill always seemed to be congested with traffic, public urination, dogs barking and drunks singing Pogues' songs in a way that made Shane MacGowan sound like a nightingale. Yeah -- that's REAL ambient. I want ambient noises mixed in between songs, I'll listen to Pink Floyd.

Finally, here's a trailer, released only online, for PG's 3D concert DVD/film:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Try This Again: Peter Gabriel News Late Summer 2011

Hi, there. My bad health and my mother's bad health seems stabilized for now, so a quick update on what mischief Peter Gabriel has been up to.

Last New Blood Dates Announced

He will be trotting the New Blood Orchestra out one more time in Mexico and a couple South American countries. Ticket prces are high, but apparently selling OK. The fun part will be discovering how many Mexicans get to go to the Mexico gigs. I betcha a Snickers bar will be mostly Americans, Canadians and Europeans in the front rows.

No WOMAD This Year

PG could not attend WOMAD at Charlton Park due to catching an upper respiratory infection from his son Isaac. See -- this is why people should never have kids. They're germ magnets.

From the WTF Department

* PG's 3-D film of him and the New Blood Orchestra begins to hit cinemas in late August, depending on what country you live in. The DVD release date keeps getting pushed back. It seems to be October 25 now. What it will be in five minutes is anyone's guess.

However, most American screenings will be for one night, one shot only around September 6. You don't go that one night, you're screwed. No, I don't know why they're doing this, either. Seems they're going to be losing a lot of potential ticket sales this way. Just because the Glee 3D concert movie hasn't done well doesn't man a PG 3D concert will not do well. Remember, Glee is complete overhyped crap. That may have something to do with the movie's poor showing.

Hello, Grandad

PG's youngest daughter Melanie (also one of PG's back up vocalists since 2002) is preggers. She's due in December. I have no idea who Dad is, so don't ask me. Melanie keeps her private life private and that's OK with me. This will be PG's first grandchild (unless the Gabriels have been REALLY successful in keeping another grandkid's existence secret.)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Perhaps as a publicity stunt for the DVD and film, Peter Gabriel told Mojo that he is thinking of trying out a new Boston baldness cure. The interesting thing about this announcement is that it has received more Internet buzz than did PG's summer tour of North America.

PG's Wikipedia Image Has Changed

to the image now on this blogpost. Photo taken by Allan Warren in 2011. Thank you, Allen for donating this lovely pic. In case you're wondering, Allan, I don't get any money for this blog.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

No News is PG News

(Apologies to Mr. Beef for nicking his quote for this post's title)

I'm going to have to stop doing this blog until further notice due to poor health. Sorry.

Remember, if you are looking for PG News do a Google News search for "peter gabriel" and check out PG's Official Facebook page.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sorry for Lack of PG News

Image of Peter Gabriel signing autographs from Debra Grant.

Yes, there's been a Peter Gabriel North American tour and I haven't been able to post fuck all about it. My Mom's health has worsened; last week she fell and broke her leg. She can't feel any pain in the leg -- and yet it's broken. Go figure. So I've been just a tad bit busy -- doing all of the chores, taking care of the dogs and fish and trying to keep my business going. If I couldn't complain, I'd go insane.

I can note that "New Blood", the CD of orchestrated PG songs, is done production and is due out before Christmas. (Knock on wood.) The Verona concert DVD filmed in 2010 has been scrapped. I assume this mean the footage has been stuck in a vault somewhere and won't be released until after PG's death, but I could be wrong. The Hammersmith London concerts, filmed in March 2011, will be released in 3-D DVD supposedly before Christmas. (Another knock on wood.) It probably will be released because my combination DVD/VCR player died.

Still no word on the So anniversary special release.

There has been mixed reaction to PG's New Blood tour in the press, but a mostly positive reaction from fans. Considering how much money they shelled out for tickets, they BETTER have been happy. Here's a particularly nice review about the Red Rocks gig.

There has been news from South American news sources that PG will play a couple of gigs in Brazil and/or Argentina in November. However, there has not been a single word of this mentioned at any official sources. Hopefully, this won't be another Melbourne.

Remember, if you are looking for PG News (and aren't we all?)do a Google News search for "peter gabriel" and check out PG's Official Facebook page.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Blood North American Tour Kicks Off

Congrats to Angela, who managed to meet Peter Gabriel during his soundcheck at Berkeley, despite lugging a cast on her leg. I believe she had to clunk up and down nearly 100 steps, too. Well, there is a good reason by PG calls his fans "lunatics."

Fan reviews of PG's New Blood shows have been overwhelmingly positive, but music critics in Califonia are none too happy with the orchestral approach. Check out this savage review from the San Jose Mercury News.

Set lists of each night's gigs are being posted at PG's Official Twitter Page. Thank Dickie Chappel for that.

I've been asked if I will somehow be able to make one of the gigs for PG's tour this time around. That would be a big NO. And it really sucks. I've had a crap life and so Peter Gabriel concerts are about the only things I have to look forward to as my aging body falls apart.

However, if I had known PG was going to tour North America this year, I never would've blown my money on seeing him 3 times LAST year (and then have to deal with a broken computer, several disintegrating teeth and the death of our last cat, Sarah.) Also, my Mom suffered a TIA or mini-stroke on Thursday, although she seems fine now. She argued with the hopsital staff to let her come home and that's a really good sign.

Although I'd love to be able to blog the latest Peter Gabriel news about this tour, I won't be able to because I'M TOO FUCKING DEPRESSED. Yes, I know there's no logical reason to be depressed about missing PG this year when I saw him 3times last year, but whenever PG is around, my logic seems to go right out the window.

For the latest tour news, check out Google News and Peter's Offical Facebook Page.

Monday, June 06, 2011

My Peter Gabriel Motivational Posters, Part II

Well, I had such an overwhelming response from my readers to my first batch of Peter Gabriel motivational posters that I decided to do some more. Thanks, both of you. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

My Peter Gabriel Motivational Posters

Because who's more inspiring than Peter? I made these virtual posters as free gifts to the Internet. I will making more periodically. The text was written by me, but the photos are copyrghted, so please do not ty and sell these images. This blog is not monetized, so I do not get any money from them. So there.

My entire collection of motivational posters is on Facebook.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

PG & Me News for Late May, 2011

I found this image of PG recently on Facebook and thought I'd share. I don't know who the photographer was or if the image was manipulated in any way. Please note that I do not know if the image is copyrighted. Just everyone please assume it is.

Peter Gabriel News

1) Article at about how a British pop music memorabilia collector David Miller. It includes this interesting mental image:

Bill Graham, after he closed the Fillmore, opened up Winterland. It was my friend Michael Morton’s idea to get there at 6 a.m.; that was the only way we could get to [spots] in front of the stage. It was a pretty crazy idea, but we were 21. We [then] got the idea that we could stand outside the door and wait; we got The Kinks and Fleetwood Mac that way. They might even come in early for a soundcheck. That’s how we got Peter Gabriel’s autograph.

Peter Gabriel was one of our more interesting ones. We’d occasionally see people who tried to dress up like a rock star. [While waiting] Michael said, “Look at that idiot trying to look like Peter Gabriel. Oh my God! It is Peter Gabriel!” He has these wooden clogs on, and he starts kicking the door. My friend Gary walks up to him and says, “You can kick at that door all you want, but the entrance is over there.” We somehow got his autograph that day. After [the concert] he ran out and literally dove headfirst into the waiting station wagon.

2) PG contributed to this article (up at several websites) about the time when he jammed with two bonobo chimpanzees (the inspiration for PG's song "Animal Nation.") I wonder how many corrections to PG's emails the writer had to make.

3) PG mentioned in his May vlog that he was talking to Ticketmaster about why the ticket prices to his North American shows in June are so expensive. PG noted that he would post their response on and his official Facebook page, but nothing has gone up yet. "Because we can," is most likely Ticketmaster's response.

Me News

I'm not yet fully recovered from my concussion. I'll probably never recover from not being able to see a single one of PG's gigs this year, even the show about 30 minutes from my home in Camden, New Jersey. Now I know that's not logical, since I managed to see 3 PG gigs last year, so THAT'S how I know I'm not over my concussion yet. I have sedatives squirreled away just to get me through the day of the Camden gig on June 25.

And, yes, I'm still banned from posting comments on PG's FB page. Thanks for asking!

Just to show PG's staff that I'm not obsessed with PG (I do think about other topics, believe it or not) I've started a Facebook page called My Dog Is Better Than Your God. People without brains need not click the link.

That's it for now. Off to work.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to Get Banned From Peter Gabriel's Facebook Page

Well, after writing a title like that, I suppose I should go through the steps on how to get banned from Peter Gabriel's Facebook page, but quite honestly, I don't know what I did. One day you can post on the FB page and next you can't. No big loss, anyway. This gives me more time to blog. (Whee.)

On Tuesday, I suffered a concussion. What really hurt was that I was the one who did it to myself. I opened up the door to the SUV -- something I've done thousands of times -- and opened it directly into my right eyebrow. The day after that, I walked directly into a hanging metal produce scale. Well, I always was my own worst enemy.

Unfortunately, I may have to go to the doctor about this concussion, since I scratched my glasses and became goofier than usual. For example, the night I got the concussion, I had to endorse a check. I forgot how to do that. My Mom had to walk me through the steps. She nearly cried because it was she I was endorsing the check to.

Since I've been knocked in the head, I will make an apology to whoever was offended by my comments on PG's FB page. Hey -- sorry. Whatever I wrote. Get ready to delete a LOT of comments, whoever poor pathetic staffer or underpaid intern you are that has to deal with a pop star's FB page. Welcome to the Internet, dude or dudette.

In other PG news, here's a preview of an article that mentions PG a bit in the Des Moines Register.

Off to take an Excedrin.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Ticketmaster Cozy Up to Peter Gabriel in Chicago Competition

EDIT: This contest is now over. Sorry!

That's the official name of the contest, I swear. Embarassing, isn't it?

Ticketbastards is the sponsor, which includes hotel and dinner at House of Blues in Chicago. Oh, yeah, and tickets to the Chicago gig. You can only enter once and must give your birthdate. You can select not to receive promotional emails from Ticketmaster and their partners before entering.


If that link doesn't work, go to Facebook and type in the search bar "Ticketmaster United States Peter Gabriel Giveaway"

Damn - wouldn't it be nice if they were actually giving away Peter Gabriel? "Hey, Mom, he followed me home. Can I keep him?"

And you have until June 1, 2011 to enter Real World's ticket giveaway.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Peter Gabriel at the Beach & 2011 Ticket Contest

EDIT: The contest is now OVER. Sorry!

Found this photo today on Facebook and decided to share (until I get a cease and desist, anyway). I am trying to find out just when this photo was taken and who took it but so far all I know is that the beach is apparently not Sardinia, where Peter owns a hotel, but at St Bart's, somewhere in the Carribean. He's damn brave to go out in a swimsuit and relaxed enough not to give a tinker's how he appears. Wearing a swimsuit is something I'll never be able to do again. Lucky bastard!

Anyway, I've been hit with a double infection of sinusitis and pharyngitis so this is possibly the last blog post for a while. This on top of hastily getting two teeth replaced. And to think that one year ago today I arrived in New York City to see PG soundcheck and concert as well as meet some fellow fans.

But if you are a North American Peter Gabriel fan that could not afford concerts, Real World is holding a free to enter contest where you can win two tickets to the venue of your choice during the tour. You also get to go to the soundcheck. The only thing is that you need to list the name of a friend. I've asked Real World what to do if you do not have a friend but I've never received a reply.

Hope you have better luck than this PG photo given a Paint job by myself back in 2008 or so.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Peter Gabriel 2011 Ticket Nightmare and Just Why IS He So Slow?

It's been a really brutal week for me and I don't expect this one to be any easier. My Mom told me she was proud of me for deciding not to go see a PG concert this year to take care of her and the pets. Unfortunately, that doesn't make me feel any better. Ain't nuthin' like the real thing, baby.

Anyway, I don't have the time to do a proper blog entry for Peter Gabriel fans, so I'm just going to cheat and put up links to other works I've done about PG this week. Off to collapse now:

* Ticketmaster/Live Nation Problems Plague Peter Gabriel Fans
* Why Is Peter Gabriel So Slow?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Soundcheck Ticket Info Up for Rich Peter Gabriel Fans

Enjoy. I'm not going. Definitely. From up 31 March:

EDIT April 2: Despite this information at, the ACUTAL price of some soundcheck tickets are $650. WTF???

Special VIP Packages Available Soon

We are excited to tell you that a special selection of VIP packages will soon be available for keen fans who want to enjoy better seats, exclusive merchandise or even the chance to watch the sound check. We expect these to be on sale on Friday. When the links become available, follow for details of how to purchase these offers and confirmation of the price. You can choose from three different levels:

Front Row Package

This is an exclusive offer for just a handful of fans for each show and the cost is due to be $500

o Front row center ticket
o VIP entrance (where available)
o Invitation to Sound Check
o Pre-show hospitality
o Exclusive merchandise item
o Collectible laminate

Hot Sound Package

This premium package cost is due to be $400

o Premium ticket located within rows 3-10
o VIP entrance (where available)
o Invitation to Sound Check
o Pre-show hospitality
o Exclusive merchandise item
o Collectible laminate

Hot Ticket Package

Not a sound check invitation but a special seating level guarantee. The cost is due to be $175

o Premium Price Level 2 ticket
o Exclusive merchandise item
o Collectible laminate

For full details of VIP offers click the link when it becomes available. Prices quoted here are the average cost. VIP packages are limited in number.

Please note, whereas Peter Gabriel normally sound checks before every performance, on very rare occasions, due to circumstances out of our control, Peter Gabriel may not be able to attend.

My health has turned for the worse and the health of my Mom has turned several times worse. I've decided it's far too selfish (and dangerous) for me to leave her alone unattended, even for 24 hours. I'm also not going to be able to keep providing PG ticket news for free. I'll do it when I can, but it's taking too much time away from work, from the pets and from taking care of my Mom.

Please check and make a Google News alert in order to find out the latest official PG news.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There WILL Be Soundcheck Tickets For Peter Gabriel's June Tour of North America

But, as usual, Real World is being coy. But at least they let us fans know that they are going to be on offer, which I for one, appreciate knowing. Those fans who wanted to use Citi pre-sale offer on March 30 may want to wait until details of the soundcheck tickets emerge.

EDIT 3/30: Ticketmaster is claiming to sell "Fan Presale" tickets starting TODAY, March 30 at 10 AM. Prices apparently the same. Password: BLOOD now states information about soundcheck tix will not go up until Thursday, March 31. (Head. Wall. BANG. Owie.)

I was at three soundchecks last year. Don't expect to meet PG, but they are amazing, just to see how these huge shows are put together. I'm also interested in classical music, so seeing what a conductor actually does (besides waves his arms about and bow) was very educational.

Anyone want to buy a slightly used kidney? I'm sure I don't need two.


Fans will have a window of opportunity to buy tickets in advance of the general public.

Also available will be a selection of special VIP soundcheck offers.

These will be announced here tomorrow. Watch this space for all the details.

Monday, March 28, 2011

More Peter Gabriel North American Tour Ticket Info for 3/28 - 3/30

Coming out in drips and drabs, here are today's latest ticket sale news about Peter Gabriel's June 2010 tour with the New Blood Orchestra:

***CITI credit card presale password is first 6 digits of your credit card number***

June 10: UC Berkley Campus, Greek Theatre Pre-sale online March 31, password is either "Blood" or "Scratch". Sale general public April 3. Prices $49.50 on the lawn to $250 reserved.

June 11: Santa Barbara Bowl. Prices $62.60 to $173.50 Pre-sale for Fanclub (that's you) begins March 31, 10 AM.

June 13: Red Rocks, Colorado Tickets on sale general public April 4 10 AM. Pre-sale for Citi credit card holders and Live Nation app holders ONLY on March 30. Price ranges $54.50 to $170.50.

June 15: Verizon Theatre at Grand Prarie, Texas Tickets on sale to general public April 8 10 AM CT. Price range $69.50 to $149.50.

June 16: Cynthia Woods Pavillion in Woodlands, Texas Tickets on sale April 4 10 AM. Prices range $48.50 to $193.95

June 18: Starlight Theater, Kansas City, MO Tickets go on sale 9 AM April 4. Ticket prices: $34.50*, $55*, $77.50*, $99.50*, $175*

June 20: United Center, Chicago Tickets on sale general public April 11. Pre-sale April 6 to Citi credit card holders ONLY. Prices range $54 to $188.34

June 24: Comcast Center Mansfield, Mass. Tickets on sale general public April 11. Pre-sale April 6 to Citi credit card holders ONLY. Prices $41.50 to $163.50

June 25: Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ Tickets on sale April 4 10AM Pre-sale for Citi credit card holders and Live Nation app holders ONLY on March 30. Price ranges $54.50 to (get this) $276.00

June 27: Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center, New York Tickets on sale April 4 10AM Pre-sale for Citi credit card holders March 30. Prices $171 (no variation!)

June 29: Summerfest, Marcus Amplitheatre, Milwaulkee, WI Fan presale begins March 30, 10 AM CT. General public tickets on sale April 2. Price range $53.60 to $75. This also includes admission to Summerfest for that day. This is the baragain of the tour.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peter Gabriel Tickets for Toronto Go On Sale Monday, March 28

Oh, Toronto: Get up and caffeinated by 10 AM to hit online and get kicked to the curb by Ticketmaster. Or, if you're lucky, just go camp out at the Amplitheatre NOW -- but only if you have American Express. Prices Canadian dollars 66.25 to 204.00

And thanks for the screw up, Real World, for keeping PG fans in the dark about ticket availablitity until the next-to-last possible moment. It's a shame that ANYONE has to get their PG ticket information from my shitty little blog than from Hopefully, now that I've made myself look like an idiot ranting, this will be immediately rectified by the few remaining Real World staff.

So far, there are NO announced plans for VIP ticket pacakges for any North American date.

Also -- no information as to ticket prices for most of the tour.

Gee -- don't you think we'd kinda need to know that, Real World? "Nah -- here's my credit card number. Take out what you want."

Head. Wall. BANG.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Damn! Peter Gabriel to Tour 11 or 12 North American Cities in June

That scream you heard about 9am EST was from various North American Peter Gabriel fans reacting to the announcement from Real World Records and However, ticket prices are NOT up yet. Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra will do a more proper tour this year, hitting 11 or 12 North American cities.

The lucky venues are:

June 10: UC Berkley Campus, Greek Theatre Pre-sale online March 31, password "Scratch". Sale general public April 3. Prices $49.50 on the lawn to $250 reserved.

June 11: Santa Barbara Bowl
June 13: Red Rocks Amplitheater, Colorado
June 15: Verizon Theater, Texas
June 16: Cynthia Woods Pavillion, Texas
June 18: Starlight Theater, Kansas City, MO Tickets go on sale 9 AM April 4.
June 20: United Center, Chicago
June 22: Molson Amplitheatre, Toronto, Canada Tickets go on sale March 28, 10AM. No prices yet listed.
June 24: Comcast Center, Mansfield, Mass.
June 25: Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, New Jersey (closest gig to Philly)
June 27: Saratoga PAC, Saratoga Springs, NY
**June 29: Marcus Amplitheater, Wisconsin** No word from Real World yet, but Summerfest officials are screaming that this is a go. Ticketmaster claims tix will be on sale April 2

Time to start selling your firstborn in order to make one or more gigs.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

On Brief Hiatus & Other Me News

Sorry there isn't anything new to report about Peter Gabriel. Anything brand-spanking new will be on his Facebook Page and his Twitter page.

As you can see in the photo, I may need to take a hiatus from the blog as my dog Pony and I try to train the 8 month old Chinese crested puppy, Hugo. If you're interested in Hugo and how he came to our household, read this article.

In other fun self-promotion news, this article on Suite 101 on cyberbullying is getting reprinted in an a college journal in India. Nope -- no money for that, but that's my charity work for the year. One day I (and about 4 billion other people in the world) may make enough money to give to charities again.

Last month I won an award for Most Intriguing Writer at Associated Content for January 2011. The judges were three other AC writers. Again, no money involved, but a pleasant suprize. Now, I have to go pick up puppy poop.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Win a Pair of Peter Gabriel Tickets to This Month's London Gig

Real World is offering a pair of coveted front row tickets to see Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra at the Apollo Hammersmith in London for either the March 23 or March 24 gig (Real World has not specified which gig it is. These are only tickets -- no hotel, no airfare. Peter Gabriel's Facebook page has had fans asking if airfare was included, so I thought I better repeat the obvious here. You need to answer one multiple-choice question (which is actually a head-scratcher) and then your name goes in the literal or metaphorical hat. Peter will announce the name of the lucky bastard -- I mean, winner -- in his March Full Moon update on on March 19 or 20 or whenever he can be bothered to, presumably before the gigs start. Entries must be in by Wednesday, March 16. Good luck! And no, I don't know the answer to the contest question, so don't bother asking me.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Charlie Sheen Talking About Trees & Books

Yes, I'm off-topic but hey, it's my blog. I used to live with a chain-smoking guy who talked and moved his hands and head like this, only he talked much slower. Unfortunately, Charlie is starting to make sense to me and that's not necessarily a good thing.


Saturday, March 05, 2011

I Got Hate Mail From a Theologian: I'm Not Winning

For those new to this blog -- hi, I'm Rena. I'm a freelance writer, Peter Gabriel fan and atheist. I get hate mail on a sporatic basis about stuff that I write. I think even Peter Gabriel passively sent me hate mail when some of my comments were removed from his Facebook page on a day he actually was on it. But at least he doesn't SEND me hate mail and for that reason alone I'd take a bullet for him.

Anyway, I read an article on Associated Content about why this Christian thinks evolution is a gigantic conspiracy theory. It was just so wacky on a "Plan 9 From Outer Space" level that I had to leave a comment explaining why evolution is a fact and not a threat to anyone's relationship with God.

Then I got this:

Please read my response to your smug, condescending response to [author's name] article. I often wonder what fuzzies like you mean when you mouth the phrase "taking the Bible literally"? Apparently your literary studies didn't deal with the basic elements of literary criticism. The Bible, like any complex literary work contains material which is literal, historical, symbolical, allegorical, parabolic, proverbial, etc. We theologians follow the natural sense of Scripture.

Apparently, this "theologian" never heard of the Golden Rule. Hell, even Charlie Sheen knows the Golden Rule. Not that he follows it, but at least he knows it. And right now he's making a hell of a lot more sense than this "theologian." I was wasn't questioning the exstence of Jesus (which I do) I was talking about evolution.

It's official: our species is not winning


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Peter Gabriel

Peter turns 61 today and is currently getting the final mixes done for his album "New Blood", projected to be released this spring (translation from Gabrielese: before the end of this year, hopefully.)

This photo was a Photoshopped image done for PG's 53rd birthday by, perhaps the oldest surviving PG fansite on the web.

If you forgot to send PG a prezzie, don't worry. On September of 2010, PG pleaded with his fans to stop sending him gifts because he no longer has anyplace to store them.

But if I was able to send PG a gift, it would be this:

Peter, may you never need anything in order to be happy. Just be happy.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Why I've Gotten a Little Nastier Lately

“There’s more beauty in the truth even if it is dreadful beauty.” John Steinbeck

I lost a few Facebook friends recently because they claimed my writings about Peter Gabriel were getting too nasty. One even went so far as to accuse me of “rage against the machine that is Peter Gabriel.” No -- don’t try and figure that one out. When anyone’s rantings are weirder than mine, that’s when I hit the BLOCK function on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong – I’d still take a bullet for Peter Gabriel. But I’ll be damned if I’ll curb my tongue just to humor the more PC of his fans. A long time ago I figured this out: PG is going to do whatever PG wants, so you may as well write what you really feel rather than what you think he wants to hear.

Peter Gabriel is rich and famous. Peter Gabriel is rich and famous. Yes, I know I’ve repeated myself, but that’s only to emphasize this fact’s importance. At this point in his life with nothing left to prove, you think he’s going to give a tinker’s damn what anyone thinks of him, his charity work or his taste in extra-curricular activities – especially if you aren’t rich?

Besides, have you read what fans write on PG forums and his FB page? Here are some gems from Jan 19, 2011, none of which were from me, I’m happy to report:

• “I fucking love you.”
• “I fucking love you more.”
• “Awww I love you PG you are like the boyfriend that never left my mind and my heart you are in my soul since I was 15 years old. If you would've married me I would still feel the same as I feel web I see your changing face and your ever lasting Eyes.~IN YOUR EYES I FEEL COMPLETE~”
• “Hi Peter i am an admirer of yor work .Hope yor new album came soon.”
• “car scratch birdy melt jill”
• “aaaa—ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooargh”

Blood-curling, aren’t they? Now imagine if YOU were the recipient of such messages. You’d never go online again, would you? You’d probably never get out of the freakin’ bed. And PG’s been getting this crap for over forty years. Quite frankly, I’m really wary about going to a PG concert again just because I’ll being in the same building as these freaks.

Reading these appalling mini-love letters (and whatever the hell the last two posts were supposed to be about) I blush in shame to think I once sent love poetry to this man. I’m surprised he didn’t he have me arrested for that. At least now I see what an idiot I was and can now make amends – to myself. I gotta be me -- because who else can I be?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Peter Gabriel Gets Cornered at Davos, 29 Jan, 2011

Short post this time, since the last one went on for ages. Here's a recent clip of Peter talking to YouTube's World View. Enjoy:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why the Human Rights Movement Is Ultimately Doomed: And why Peter Gabriel should get out of the human rights business

“Folks, I hate to spoil your fun, but there’s no such thing as rights. Okay? They’re imaginary. We made them up, like the Boogeyman.” (George Carlin)

On January 19, 2010, Peter Gabriel made his usual monthly vlog for his official website. He announced that he wanted to start a human rights charity called The Toolbox which would be sort of a social network for human rights activists in the field. Many fans, including myself, smacked our foreheads and groaned, “Not again!”

Let’s get some perspective here. Gabriel already initiated two human rights charities – Witness and The Elders. Oddly enough, humans seem to be treating each other worse than before. And Gabriel wants to start a third human rights charity? Who is he kidding? Himself, apparently...

Read the rest of my article at Yahoo!Voices.  Thanks!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peter Gabriel New Blood 2011 Hammersmith Apollo London 23 & 24 March

Holy timpani, Batman!

In a rare move, Peter Gabriel made a decision. Two concerts and two only of New Blood (PG & orchestra) will be on March 34 & 24, 2011 at London's Hammersmith Apollo, Real World announced today. PG would like to release his DVD of the tour in 3D. (Bad luck for all of us with monocular vision.) In order to convert last year's filmed Verona concert to 3D, new material has to be filmed with a frightfully expensive camera -- hence the shows.

Tickets for PG fans go on sale through TOMORROW at 9am GMT. Tickets for the general public go on sale Monday, January 24.

I blew my savings account on last year's tour and cannot go. Besides -- I'm not sure I would be allowed back in the UK. (Long story.) Good luck to all of you lucky sods that will be going.

Peter Gabriel Has Grammar Problems

It's been a bizarre last week or so. I got contacted by someone claiming to be Dickie Chappell, Peter Gabriel's long-time engineer. You think I believed him? Especially after my battles with a cyberstalker? Naaaahhhh. But I did play along and honestly told him what I thought. Sorry, Dickie -- but at least I was honest.

I'm not going to go into details of the email exchange because as luck would have it, it WAS Dickie Chappell that contacted me. He has also contacted at least two other PG fans that bought VIP tickets to last year's New Blood tour and have a Facebook account.

But Dickie did mention that PG was going to start doing once a month posts on Facebook. Of course, PG has been doing about 10 vlogs a year since 2002 but why the jump to online text only contact? Because Facebook is far more of a frighteningly powerful promotional tool that anyone could have expected. If the comments on PG's FB page is any indication, only about a third of PG's worldwide fan base was even aware that he had an official website, let alone a monthly vlog.

So PG posted. And, oh, I see why he shied away from posting before:

Hi there everyone, It's Peter. Welcome to the first full moon message of the year. This is for anyone who wants to check out what we are working on and up to each month.

I wanted to also say that I don't really think that my life is that interesting to be talking about it everyday and also I don't want my life to be a slave to a piece of technology. I do though make a commitment to directly communicate once a month which does work for me and I hope it will work for you too.

It's an easy way to remember you only have to look up at the sky and if the moon is getting full you know that its time to check in on what we are doing.

We have been very busy music-wise recently but things are almost finished, so at the end of this month's video you will get a taste of my 'New Blood' version of 'Wallflower'.

Have a great month and hope to see you when the moon is full again.


The love of my life, my inspiration and my aspiration -- cannot write his way out of a wet paper bag. I guess with the recent layoffs at Real World there isn't anyone left who can do elementary proofreading. And I don't think I impressed Dickie any with my brutally honest emails.

Off to bang my head against a wall.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peter Gabriel; "Curtains" Uscita Mix

(PG portrait done for Mojo by Andy Fallon)

I've been busy and even managed to get an article published on Yahoo! News. I managed to wean myself off of Xanax over the holidays. I had my last dose December 27 and hopefully I'll never touch the stuff again. From now on, I'll deal with panic attacks the old fashioned way -- with ice cream.

Not a lot of news to report on the PG front. It seems that long-time engineer Dickie Chappell has been recruited to the unenviable task of replacing Tina, PG's 20-year fan liason who retired (or was let go) in Spetember. "New Blood" is scheduled to be released "any day now" (ie -- "sometime before the sun engulfs the solar system.") In the meantime, here's a remix of one of PG's most beloved B-sides, "Curtains."