Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to Get Banned From Peter Gabriel's Facebook Page

Well, after writing a title like that, I suppose I should go through the steps on how to get banned from Peter Gabriel's Facebook page, but quite honestly, I don't know what I did. One day you can post on the FB page and next you can't. No big loss, anyway. This gives me more time to blog. (Whee.)

On Tuesday, I suffered a concussion. What really hurt was that I was the one who did it to myself. I opened up the door to the SUV -- something I've done thousands of times -- and opened it directly into my right eyebrow. The day after that, I walked directly into a hanging metal produce scale. Well, I always was my own worst enemy.

Unfortunately, I may have to go to the doctor about this concussion, since I scratched my glasses and became goofier than usual. For example, the night I got the concussion, I had to endorse a check. I forgot how to do that. My Mom had to walk me through the steps. She nearly cried because it was she I was endorsing the check to.

Since I've been knocked in the head, I will make an apology to whoever was offended by my comments on PG's FB page. Hey -- sorry. Whatever I wrote. Get ready to delete a LOT of comments, whoever poor pathetic staffer or underpaid intern you are that has to deal with a pop star's FB page. Welcome to the Internet, dude or dudette.

In other PG news, here's a preview of an article that mentions PG a bit in the Des Moines Register.

Off to take an Excedrin.

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