Sunday, April 12, 2009

Soap Bubbles in Heaven

As I was walking my dog Pony today (Easter), I passed by a young boy and his mother/older sister/babysitter. They were making soap bubbles with a huge wand. As the bubbles climbed into the sky, the boy pointed, smiled and yelled, "Look! The bubbles are going to heaven!"

Which got me to thinking -- are there soap bubbles in heaven?

Clean And Dirty

If heaven is supposed to be a place of perfection, then there wouldn't be any dirt to wash off. If you don't have any dirt to wash off, then there's no need for soap. If there's no soap, how can you make soap bubbles? And if those soap bubbles the little boy claimed were going to heaven and reached heaven, would they be denied entrance?

This is one reason why I strongly suspect that the idea of heaven has no soap.

In Other News

Anyway, speaking of how the universe moves in mysterious ways, my beloved Peter Gabriel went on a tour in March -- to South America only. (So close, yet so far.) Bits and pieces of this mini tour are leaking out all over the web. One of the most interesting is a blog post from writer Aaron Smith living in Peru -- who just happened to be on a busman's holiday in the Amazon rainforest (where there's quite a lot of dirt) when guess who walks up -- tht's right, Peter Gabriel.

Also, I received word that one of my short stories, "Volunteering At Fred's House", will be published at the UK mag Polluto. I have no idea when it comes out -- probably when I next get to see Peter or when soap bubbles are allowed in heaven.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

New Story Up On Dog Oil Press

Because I've been so busy doing web content and blogs, I haven't had time to send out any short story or poetry submissions since last May. So, I finally got my act together last week and sent out 10 stories. One has been accepted (so far, knock on wood) and it went up yesterday at Dog Oil Press, home of flash fiction that is wickedly humourous (either that or deeply bent, depending on your point of view).

I hope you enjoy "After Ida Set Her Face On Fire".