Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Try This Again: Peter Gabriel News Late Summer 2011

Hi, there. My bad health and my mother's bad health seems stabilized for now, so a quick update on what mischief Peter Gabriel has been up to.

Last New Blood Dates Announced

He will be trotting the New Blood Orchestra out one more time in Mexico and a couple South American countries. Ticket prces are high, but apparently selling OK. The fun part will be discovering how many Mexicans get to go to the Mexico gigs. I betcha a Snickers bar will be mostly Americans, Canadians and Europeans in the front rows.

No WOMAD This Year

PG could not attend WOMAD at Charlton Park due to catching an upper respiratory infection from his son Isaac. See -- this is why people should never have kids. They're germ magnets.

From the WTF Department

* PG's 3-D film of him and the New Blood Orchestra begins to hit cinemas in late August, depending on what country you live in. The DVD release date keeps getting pushed back. It seems to be October 25 now. What it will be in five minutes is anyone's guess.

However, most American screenings will be for one night, one shot only around September 6. You don't go that one night, you're screwed. No, I don't know why they're doing this, either. Seems they're going to be losing a lot of potential ticket sales this way. Just because the Glee 3D concert movie hasn't done well doesn't man a PG 3D concert will not do well. Remember, Glee is complete overhyped crap. That may have something to do with the movie's poor showing.

Hello, Grandad

PG's youngest daughter Melanie (also one of PG's back up vocalists since 2002) is preggers. She's due in December. I have no idea who Dad is, so don't ask me. Melanie keeps her private life private and that's OK with me. This will be PG's first grandchild (unless the Gabriels have been REALLY successful in keeping another grandkid's existence secret.)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Perhaps as a publicity stunt for the DVD and film, Peter Gabriel told Mojo that he is thinking of trying out a new Boston baldness cure. The interesting thing about this announcement is that it has received more Internet buzz than did PG's summer tour of North America.

PG's Wikipedia Image Has Changed

to the image now on this blogpost. Photo taken by Allan Warren in 2011. Thank you, Allen for donating this lovely pic. In case you're wondering, Allan, I don't get any money for this blog.