Saturday, July 14, 2012

To Peter Gabriel From His Fans

(No, I don't know the backstory to this Post Secret postcard, but it seemed appropriate.)

Well, as I metioned in the last post, Peter Gabriel has announced that at the end of the Back to Front tour (currently scheduled to end in February 2013) he, his two young sons and presumably some other family members, will be taking "a year" off to travel the world. 

Based on PG's past behavior, he's serious about this trip.  Also based on PG's past behavior, when he says "a year" he really means "perhaps a dog year, perhaps a Jupiter year -- but not 365 24-hour days." 

One thing is clear -- he won't be making any music during this time.  He may even retire.  Who knows?  But hopefully he will return to the studio and the stage after his wanderlust is sated.

Oh, now that I found that Post Secret postcard from fans to Peter, here's another from Post Rejects that is a little clearer.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Peter Gabriel Taking Off "A Year" -- Bad Luck for Fans

Well, 2012 started promising for Peter Gabriel fans, didn't it?  We have his first two concert films released on DVD, a So 25th anniversary edition and the promising Back to Front tour this summer.  PG also did some dates this year, such as the Hop Farm Music Festival (which got reviews filled with left-handed compliments.)

PG skipped his usual monthly vlog to fans in June due to being busy.  He's apparently writing a song for an Indian film-maker's movie, doing some Elders stuff and planning the Back to Front tour.  But in his July vlog, he dropped a bombshell:

He's taking a year off to travel the world.

Now, keep in mind this is Peter Gabriel we are talking about.  He's the guy that was 25 years between KIDS.  PG stated that this round the world trip was one he'd plannned on taking when he was 50.  So, he's managed to put that off for 12 years.  PG's definition of one year equals about 15 years for the rest of us.  By the time this trip ends, he'll be 77.  Of course, in his head, he probably will think he's still 18 (as he tells interviewers) but meanwhile many PG fans will dead and buried by the time he does something radical such as putting out an album of new material.

Enjoy the Back to Front Tour, folks, 'cause it sounds like this is going to be the last one.  He did mention that he plans to do a few Back to Front dates in South America during February of 2013, then he and the family are off.

Yeah, I'm ticked -- a year off to travel the world.  Chrsit Almighty -- he's a rock star and human rights chairty financier.  HE'S ALREADY TRAVELED THE WORLD.  What the fuck is there left to see? New landfills?  New stretches of deforestation?  Coke adverts in third world countries?  WHAT?

Anyway, here's his July 2012 vlog.  Off to sulk now.