Thursday, July 21, 2011

No News is PG News

(Apologies to Mr. Beef for nicking his quote for this post's title)

I'm going to have to stop doing this blog until further notice due to poor health. Sorry.

Remember, if you are looking for PG News do a Google News search for "peter gabriel" and check out PG's Official Facebook page.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sorry for Lack of PG News

Image of Peter Gabriel signing autographs from Debra Grant.

Yes, there's been a Peter Gabriel North American tour and I haven't been able to post fuck all about it. My Mom's health has worsened; last week she fell and broke her leg. She can't feel any pain in the leg -- and yet it's broken. Go figure. So I've been just a tad bit busy -- doing all of the chores, taking care of the dogs and fish and trying to keep my business going. If I couldn't complain, I'd go insane.

I can note that "New Blood", the CD of orchestrated PG songs, is done production and is due out before Christmas. (Knock on wood.) The Verona concert DVD filmed in 2010 has been scrapped. I assume this mean the footage has been stuck in a vault somewhere and won't be released until after PG's death, but I could be wrong. The Hammersmith London concerts, filmed in March 2011, will be released in 3-D DVD supposedly before Christmas. (Another knock on wood.) It probably will be released because my combination DVD/VCR player died.

Still no word on the So anniversary special release.

There has been mixed reaction to PG's New Blood tour in the press, but a mostly positive reaction from fans. Considering how much money they shelled out for tickets, they BETTER have been happy. Here's a particularly nice review about the Red Rocks gig.

There has been news from South American news sources that PG will play a couple of gigs in Brazil and/or Argentina in November. However, there has not been a single word of this mentioned at any official sources. Hopefully, this won't be another Melbourne.

Remember, if you are looking for PG News (and aren't we all?)do a Google News search for "peter gabriel" and check out PG's Official Facebook page.