Saturday, March 05, 2011

I Got Hate Mail From a Theologian: I'm Not Winning

For those new to this blog -- hi, I'm Rena. I'm a freelance writer, Peter Gabriel fan and atheist. I get hate mail on a sporatic basis about stuff that I write. I think even Peter Gabriel passively sent me hate mail when some of my comments were removed from his Facebook page on a day he actually was on it. But at least he doesn't SEND me hate mail and for that reason alone I'd take a bullet for him.

Anyway, I read an article on Associated Content about why this Christian thinks evolution is a gigantic conspiracy theory. It was just so wacky on a "Plan 9 From Outer Space" level that I had to leave a comment explaining why evolution is a fact and not a threat to anyone's relationship with God.

Then I got this:

Please read my response to your smug, condescending response to [author's name] article. I often wonder what fuzzies like you mean when you mouth the phrase "taking the Bible literally"? Apparently your literary studies didn't deal with the basic elements of literary criticism. The Bible, like any complex literary work contains material which is literal, historical, symbolical, allegorical, parabolic, proverbial, etc. We theologians follow the natural sense of Scripture.

Apparently, this "theologian" never heard of the Golden Rule. Hell, even Charlie Sheen knows the Golden Rule. Not that he follows it, but at least he knows it. And right now he's making a hell of a lot more sense than this "theologian." I was wasn't questioning the exstence of Jesus (which I do) I was talking about evolution.

It's official: our species is not winning



Anonymous said...

What in the world did you write on PG FB to get it deleted?

rraven said...

PG showed his hand-written notes for the orchestration of Red Rain and I noted that he "had what Philadelphia legal secretaries call 'the handwriting of a genius.'"

Also, I noted that a lot of PG's fans are scary weird and that comment was deleted, too.

Anonymous said...

He must be humble to delete a comment calling him a genius, and he must care for his fans not wanting them to be called "scary weird"

rraven said...

Could be!

galatead said...

But but....MOST of PG's fans write the same bullshit on all of his facebook posts. Only because they now know that he really reads the comments. The comments don't even have anything to do with the topic of the posts. They just ignore what is beinig posted and tell him how much they love him, how he influenced them and how he should write them and hang out with em. BLABLABLA. It's always the same. I also find it weird how he caters to his new facebook fans. He mentions his facebook fans ALL THE TIME, and never really talks about or directly to the people on his forum. And btw. are you still banned from his forum Rena? I'm still angry about this, as I've seen the old hag is posting there again. Why can she still be a member and you cannot? I don't understand.

rraven said...

Galatead, that's the nicest email I've gotten in a long, long time! I think PG and Real World having financial problems and so this is why they are catering to an FB audience -- because it's larger. When PG gets bored with it or is able to get some money in the bank for Real World, that will be that. And yes, I am still banned from the PG forums.

Sportin_Jenny said...

For what it's worth I asked the webmaster to reinstate rraven

I didn't have her banned, someone else did, but who cares at this point.

If we avoid each other at the forum I believe we can have a truce

Peace to you

from the
evil old hag

rraven said...

Sporting Jenny:

If you're Progressive Jen, you are not the evil old hag. (Hell--I'M probably older than you.)

Besides, I'm wary of the PG Forum now. My altercation with the evil hag cost me nearly $10,000 in computer repairs (computer is still malfunctioning -- interesting how my Spell Check was targeted), lost income while the computer was conked out and anti-anxiety meds.

I have to admit, I'm suprised no one has mentioned the theologian or Charlie Sheen at this point. Thank the Non-existent God for small favors, huh?

Sportin_Jenny said...

This is Ezri - and I swear I did not send you a computer virus. I wish we could have found out who did.

Did you and the other victims of the virus compare downloads and see what you had it common?

I only posted pics from my image shack account and posted articles about PG - I have no idea where you got the virus from -

maybe you can ask the webmaster to investigate, I'd love to have my name cleared.

What proof do you have that I did it?

I know you have made up your mind, but you are wrong.

I did not cause you $10,000 in computer repairs.

The other anon poster here is Jen by the way -

I would never be that vicious to send someone a computer virus, and I have no idea how to do that - it would never occur to me to do something that low.

I know you think the worst of me - but you are wrong - I am not guilty of the things you accuse me of, and it's very frustrating to know that I haven't done what you claim.

It's kind of sad that you are so sure -

I wonder how you would feel if I was posting all over the web that you are a cyber bully - when you know it's not true.

Also I was not the one who collected all your negative posts at the forum and sent them to the webmaster.

I kinda wish she would admit it, but I'm not going to blow her cover if she wants to remain silent.

I was too busy at the time trying to convince Rev Bob that I wasn't also posting Golden Heart - boy that was weird.

Anywho I hope the webmaster reinstates you - and I will stay away from your threads and you can stay away from mine.

I truly want peace - and I am sincere

I doubt that you will believe me - but one last time, I swear that I did not send you that virus

So peace to you rraven and I hope they lift the ban - Rachael Henley
seems very nice, and I recently have a great email from her

Good Luck


Sportin_Jenny said...

p.s. Charlie Sheen got fired today

I left a post at the forum asking others there to email the webmaster to get you back on the forum

You can check the post at the "Revenge of the Round Table"

My friend thinks ste is responsible for the virus, I thought Rev. Bob was, it does seem like something a man would do

Don't worry, this is my last comment here - unless you ask me something

Wish you a happy life Rena


Anonymous said...

I believe I am older than you. I turned 44 in August.

Progressive Jen said...

The more I think about it there really is no reason why either of those comments should have been removed.

Some Fans are weird and scary, Fans of any celebrity can be that way.

rraven said...

Great. I'm scared shitless now. That's not a question so no one answer it, please.

Progressive Jen said...

Ezri told me about your comments being deleted at PG FB page and was just curious as to what was deleted.

Honestly think those comments should not have been deleted, who knows why these things happen.

Don't worry, I'm not becoming a "regular" here.

Hope all is well with you.

rraven said...

I wasn't the only who had comments deleted from a few PG FB posts, so it may be an issue with FB.

No offense, Jen, but I do not wish to return to the PG Forum. But it is nice to think that I would be wanted back.

Sportin_Jenny said...

galatead said...

"I'm still angry about this, as I've seen the old hag is posting there again. Why can she still be a member and you cannot? I don't understand."

Rachael from Real World sent me an email to say that rraven would not be re-instated and why

I never posted comments like the ones rraven did - that's why I'm still there

I will not post what Rachael said because it might hurt rraven's feeling, unless rraven wants to know - if you are at the PG forum you can pm me for the info

sorry, wasn't supposed to post here again

and I'm sorry you didn't get re-instated rraven -

ezri aka evil old hag

galatead said...

Cynthia, let go of it! Just let go of it already!


I never called you EVIL.

I called you an old hag.

not an EVIL old hag.

You just made the "evil" part up in your mind. I don't know why.

What are you doing here anyway? Do you check here ten times a day out of paranoia there might be somebody talking about you?

Just leave Rena alone already. She doesn't even wanna return to the forum. Alright. Now leave her alone.

Anonymous said...

This is Sté. I don't have an account and I don't want one.

"My friend thinks ste is responsible for the virus, I thought Rev. Bob was, it does seem like something a man would do"
You got friends thingie?
Who're they?
The girl fucked by the man in the van from Strasbourg? Bettina? Good people indeed!
Stuff those virus in your ass, you poor draft of a woman. You still make me laugh.
Really... ^^