Sunday, March 13, 2011

On Brief Hiatus & Other Me News

Sorry there isn't anything new to report about Peter Gabriel. Anything brand-spanking new will be on his Facebook Page and his Twitter page.

As you can see in the photo, I may need to take a hiatus from the blog as my dog Pony and I try to train the 8 month old Chinese crested puppy, Hugo. If you're interested in Hugo and how he came to our household, read this article.

In other fun self-promotion news, this article on Suite 101 on cyberbullying is getting reprinted in an a college journal in India. Nope -- no money for that, but that's my charity work for the year. One day I (and about 4 billion other people in the world) may make enough money to give to charities again.

Last month I won an award for Most Intriguing Writer at Associated Content for January 2011. The judges were three other AC writers. Again, no money involved, but a pleasant suprize. Now, I have to go pick up puppy poop.

1 comment:

Sportin_Jenny said...

well congrats on that, you are the expert on cyber-bullying - I've have the same problem being cyber-bullied so I sympathized

I guess if it keeps on I will have to get legal help

well good luck to you and Pony