Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Damn! Peter Gabriel to Tour 11 or 12 North American Cities in June

That scream you heard about 9am EST was from various North American Peter Gabriel fans reacting to the announcement from Real World Records and However, ticket prices are NOT up yet. Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra will do a more proper tour this year, hitting 11 or 12 North American cities.

The lucky venues are:

June 10: UC Berkley Campus, Greek Theatre Pre-sale online March 31, password "Scratch". Sale general public April 3. Prices $49.50 on the lawn to $250 reserved.

June 11: Santa Barbara Bowl
June 13: Red Rocks Amplitheater, Colorado
June 15: Verizon Theater, Texas
June 16: Cynthia Woods Pavillion, Texas
June 18: Starlight Theater, Kansas City, MO Tickets go on sale 9 AM April 4.
June 20: United Center, Chicago
June 22: Molson Amplitheatre, Toronto, Canada Tickets go on sale March 28, 10AM. No prices yet listed.
June 24: Comcast Center, Mansfield, Mass.
June 25: Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, New Jersey (closest gig to Philly)
June 27: Saratoga PAC, Saratoga Springs, NY
**June 29: Marcus Amplitheater, Wisconsin** No word from Real World yet, but Summerfest officials are screaming that this is a go. Ticketmaster claims tix will be on sale April 2

Time to start selling your firstborn in order to make one or more gigs.


galatead said...

Wow, 12 dates. And still there are people on the forum complaining that he doesn't come anywhere near them. Who do they think they are? How about they get their lazy asses on a plane and travel to a gig. Bah!

Will you go to another one of the concerts?

rraven said...

Camden, definately. Any other dates are unlikely. I had to get two teeth worked on yesterday and dentists are very expensive in America. Bah!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a mini-gathering at the Red Rocks gig

So far about 4 or 5 PG fans will be meeting this -include moi

Happy St. Patrick's Day ladies

Anonymous said...

"Who do they think they are? How about they get their lazy asses on a plane and travel to a gig. Bah!"

Sometimes 3,000 miles is too far and way to expensive to travel - nothing to do with being "lazy asses"

I guess you must have tons of money galatead - it takes balls to call poor people lazy asses

Anonymous said...

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galatead said...

Well Anonymous, if they have enough money to go to a gig if it's in their area, they cannot be poor. Cause the concert tickets alone are expensive enough.

If everybody in the world complained that there's no concert right in THEIR city, PG would be busy for the years trying to please every single one of his fans. There would be no new music. So good luck if you want him to tour New Blood for the rest of his live in every single little city of the world. LOL

Have fun in Camden, Rraven!

rraven said...

One can't have fun in Camden, NJ. Even people from Bangledesh say, "You have to go to CAMDEN? What a hell hole!" This will be like picking up drugs -- quickly go in, find your dealer and sneak off back home before you're spotted. Too bad I can't hook the music up to my veins!

Anonymous said...


Okay, I've never been to New Jersey, so I wouldn't know. :-D

Hope you'll enjoy the concert anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yes galatead, I want Peter Gabriel to play every single little city of the world for all eternity.

That's exactly what I meant to say, thanks for clearing that up for me.

Some can afford the tickets, if it's in their town - but add airline tickets, hotels and food that makes it just out of reach -

but they aren't lazy asses because they wish he'd play their city

The city I hope he adds, is a world class city not a little town - it was good enough to host the world it's good enough to host Mr. Gabriel

But if not Red Rocks looks like it may be fun

Anonymous said...

$408 for two tickets in Toronto - I don't think so, crazy

galatead said...

wtf? I don't even know what city you talk about ANONYMOUS. As I didn't tank about you specifically, as I don't even know who you are.

I was talking about the people in the tours section who complain WHENEVER PG is touring. They are NEVER satisfied. No matter how many gigs he adds to the tour list. There's always someone complaining.

And sure, if someone is poor, $ 300for a ticket is easily affordable AS LONG as they don't have to buy an airline ticket. Sure...

شات مصري said...

I had to get two teeth worked on yesterday and dentists are very expensive in America. Bah!