Who Writes This Stuff?

Hi. Thanks for checking out my blog.  I do not scrape content and do not condone the practice.   All posts on The Perfect Blog Title were written by me.  I've been writing web content since October 2006 and am currently accepting new clients.

Some other quick facts about me:
  • I'm stuck in the house
  • I've survived domestic abuse, homelessness and trans-Atlantic air journeys in Coach
  • I'm not dating (unless your legal name is Peter Brian Gabriel)
  • I have two college degrees (fat lot of good they did me)
  • I suffer from major depression and migraines
  • I've been a Peter Gabriel fan since 1986
  • I was raised a Born Again Christian, graduated from a Christian school, spent nearly a decade as a pagan but now I'm an atheist
  • I'm currently owned by two dogs and four freshwater fish
  • I'm a horseless horse lover
  • I need a cup of tea.
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