Comparisons Between Peter Gabriel & Jeremy Brett

One is a singer and the other an actor.  One is still alive while the other has passed away.  And yet Peter Gabriel and Jeremy Brett share a lot of things in common.  What things?  I'm glad you asked.  Here goes:
Both are British

Damn straight.  Peter (pictured below right) was born in Cobham, Surrey while Jeremy (pictured above left) was born in the village of Berkswell in the West Midlands.
Both Are Named Peter
Peter Gabriel's real first name is Peter.  Jeremy Brett's real first name is also Peter.  He dropped the Peter when becoming an actor. 

Both Were Married Twice

Peter has been married twice and is still married to his second wife, Maeve.  Jeremy was also married twice and divorced once.  Unfortunately, his second wife Joan died from cancer on July 4, 1985.  Brett never remarried.

Both Love(d) People

Peter has started three human rights charities and went on tour to support Amnesty International twice.  One of his best known songs is Biko about murdered South African activist Stephen Biko.  Brett was bisexual so he loved everybody, darling.

Both Have Large Light Colored Eyes

Peter's eyes are blue (although he has told some people that they are green.) (Image at left is from the Sledgehammer video.)

Jeremy's eyes were hazel with gray shadings.  When the light hit them right, they turned blue, as in this still from the episode The Blue Carbuncle.

Both Used to be Workaholics

Peter used to spend most of his time at work, which didn't go down well with his significant others.  He now keeps to a schedule so he can spend plenty of time with friends and family.  Jeremy also used to be a workaholic, so much so that it contributed to his huge mental breakdown in the late 1980s.  When he recovered to do more Sherlock Holmes episodes, his studio Grenada insisted that he schedule in time for holidays.

Both Have Been In the Movies

Peter appears briefly in New York Stories (1988) and he starred in the experimental student's short film Recon. Jeremy's movie career was a little better.  He played Freddie in a little movie called My Fair Lady (1964).  You may have heard of it.

Both Can Sing

It's no surprise that Peter Gabriel can sing.  He made his career based in part on his vocal talents.  But did you also know that Jeremy Brett had an outstanding voice? Above is an appearance he did on the Twiggy show back in 1975.

Both are Dreamed About By Me

Oooo. Ahhhh.

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