Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Animal Rights Supporters Should Vote For Obama

Not that my endorsement is going to make or break the 2008 Presidential election, but if you are concerned about animal rights, like I am, then Obama is the only candidate for you. Here's why:

The Economy

Obama's economic plan saves little ol' me about $3000. That's just me with an extra $3000 to help support animal charities and maybe (just maybe) adopt a dog that needs a home. (My dog Pony needs a dog). Without the average person getting some financial breaks, there won't be any money for animals.

The Environment

Obama is for investing in alternative energy solutions, not the incredbily polluting use of fossil fuels. Whenever the environment suffers, animals always suffer more than people.

Stem Cell Research

Obama is for stem cell research and other in vitro forms of experimentation. This will stop the use of lab animals.

In contrast, McCain and Palin are for sport hunting and cutting endangered species from the endangered species list. Also, Palin does not believe that global warming is real. McCain has also voted many times to reduce EPA standards and for off-shore drilling in a big way, even though that could lead to an environmental disatster.

But even if you don't agree with me, please vote. Then I'll shut up.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Animal Rights Being Ignored This Election

There are very few issues being discussed by the candidates for this Presidential election thing happening. I do prick my ears up whenever they mention health care, but other than that, they seem to only be talking to the rich, not to people like me. The financial and environmental crisis we are in is due to greed and selfishness whwn people think only of themselves.

Interacting with animals help you lessen your greed and selfishness. You begin to emphasize with others and wonder what they are going through (since animals can't talk). You can't care about your fellow countryman until you can care about all of the species in this country. That's why I think animal rights should be a priority in America. How you treat animals is going to be at the base of how you treat everthing else.

I wonder who the animals would voite for if they had the opportunity?

Since I started to write this, I'm happy to report that my home state of Pennsylvania has passed a huge revamp to the dog care laws, which will hopefully help to shut down all puppy mills in my state. Thank you, Govenor Ed Rendell and my Representative, Nick Micozzie.