Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Peter Gabriel On David Letterman Nov. 9

Peter Gabriel and the latest incarnation of the New Blood Orchestra will perform on David Letterman in the Ed Sullivan Theatre on Wednesday, November 9. Good luck getting tickets! Peter has been in New York since last week (or so) in order to rehearse for the mini Mexico & South American tour later this month. Looks like he's decided to do a brief dress rehearsal.

The Village Voice is offering a competition to win one pair of tickets open until 5 pm EST Friday, November 3.

For those not familiar with David Letterman, PG will most likely do two songs, with only one going to broadcast. Many musical guests play an extra song just for the audience but whether PG will do this is unknown. He may also do a short interview with Letterman-- or not. And yes, Letterman is a fan. (At least, he was in 1994).

Last month in London, Real World managed to secure some pairs of tickets for PG fans on their mailing list for PG's concert with the BBC Orchestra. I'm looking at my email and still no message from Real World offering me a ticket. (Sigh.)

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