Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Blood North American Tour Kicks Off

Congrats to Angela, who managed to meet Peter Gabriel during his soundcheck at Berkeley, despite lugging a cast on her leg. I believe she had to clunk up and down nearly 100 steps, too. Well, there is a good reason by PG calls his fans "lunatics."

Fan reviews of PG's New Blood shows have been overwhelmingly positive, but music critics in Califonia are none too happy with the orchestral approach. Check out this savage review from the San Jose Mercury News.

Set lists of each night's gigs are being posted at PG's Official Twitter Page. Thank Dickie Chappel for that.

I've been asked if I will somehow be able to make one of the gigs for PG's tour this time around. That would be a big NO. And it really sucks. I've had a crap life and so Peter Gabriel concerts are about the only things I have to look forward to as my aging body falls apart.

However, if I had known PG was going to tour North America this year, I never would've blown my money on seeing him 3 times LAST year (and then have to deal with a broken computer, several disintegrating teeth and the death of our last cat, Sarah.) Also, my Mom suffered a TIA or mini-stroke on Thursday, although she seems fine now. She argued with the hopsital staff to let her come home and that's a really good sign.

Although I'd love to be able to blog the latest Peter Gabriel news about this tour, I won't be able to because I'M TOO FUCKING DEPRESSED. Yes, I know there's no logical reason to be depressed about missing PG this year when I saw him 3times last year, but whenever PG is around, my logic seems to go right out the window.

For the latest tour news, check out Google News and Peter's Offical Facebook Page.

Monday, June 06, 2011

My Peter Gabriel Motivational Posters, Part II

Well, I had such an overwhelming response from my readers to my first batch of Peter Gabriel motivational posters that I decided to do some more. Thanks, both of you. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

My Peter Gabriel Motivational Posters

Because who's more inspiring than Peter? I made these virtual posters as free gifts to the Internet. I will making more periodically. The text was written by me, but the photos are copyrghted, so please do not ty and sell these images. This blog is not monetized, so I do not get any money from them. So there.

My entire collection of motivational posters is on Facebook.