Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There WILL Be Soundcheck Tickets For Peter Gabriel's June Tour of North America

But, as usual, Real World is being coy. But at least they let us fans know that they are going to be on offer, which I for one, appreciate knowing. Those fans who wanted to use Citi pre-sale offer on March 30 may want to wait until details of the soundcheck tickets emerge.

EDIT 3/30: Ticketmaster is claiming to sell "Fan Presale" tickets starting TODAY, March 30 at 10 AM. Prices apparently the same. Password: BLOOD

Petergabriel.com now states information about soundcheck tix will not go up until Thursday, March 31. (Head. Wall. BANG. Owie.)

I was at three soundchecks last year. Don't expect to meet PG, but they are amazing, just to see how these huge shows are put together. I'm also interested in classical music, so seeing what a conductor actually does (besides waves his arms about and bow) was very educational.

Anyone want to buy a slightly used kidney? I'm sure I don't need two.

From Petergabriel.com:

Fans will have a window of opportunity to buy tickets in advance of the general public.

Also available will be a selection of special VIP soundcheck offers.

These will be announced here tomorrow. Watch this space for all the details.


Nessa said...

this just in at his official site

"Please note, whereas Peter Gabriel normally sound checks before every performance, on very rare occasions, due to circumstances out of our control, Peter Gabriel may not be able to attend."

rraven said...

Thanks for the reminder, Nessa. I should've mentioned that, although I haven't heard of it happening yet, it still could in the future.