Sunday, October 31, 2010

Peter Gabriel Apologizes for Cancelling Melbourne Cup Gig and I'm Being Cyberbullied

OK, the two title halves don't exactly go together, but occassionally family members look in on my blog to see why I haven't died yet.

Peter Gabriel was to headline a mega-huge concert on 1 November to celebrate the Melbourne Cup's 150th anniversary, but he abruptly cancelled about 22 August. His site listed no reason until 23 October, where PG apologized, citing his people was given a bunch of misinfrmation about who was sponsoring the concert, how long the concert would be and how much ticket prices were (complete with stop motion animation from a 1926 film called "Greener Pastures.") He didn't apologize for betting on horse racing, although he suddenly inisited that the sport he bet on most often was tennis. (That's a new one.) He acknowledged that there was cruelty in the horse racing industry, but thought the sport could change from within. What a lame excuse (pun intended.)

I'll be 41 years old next month. Despite that, I've been cyberbullied off of both PG fan site forums. I had another virus attack my computer on 7 October and the computer technician thinks I picked it from a link that someone had posted on the PG Forum. I've now had TWO technicians tell me that it's highly likely that someone on the forum set up a link for other PG fans to download malware. Many of on the forums think we know who did it, but none of us have the money to hire a lawyer.

So we have all left. I was also being cyberbullied by two other forum members (who may or may not have been responisble for killing my hard drive in May and trying again in October.) Idiot me bullied right back. That worked when I was a kid and even when I was homeless in England.

But it doesn't work on the Internet.

When I started seriously considering suicide, I knew I had to admidt defeat. Unfortunately, the two PG forums were my only means of social interaction with people unrelated to me. I could at least pretend I had friends. But online "friends" are not real friends. Same as school friends are not real friends when they see you getting beat up. You call out for help -- they just walk on by because they don't want to get beat up, too.

Proving that we are just fooling ourselves by pretending we aren't all alone in the world. No one is going to give a shit about your problems except you. So you are the only one that can deal with it. No one's going to come to your rescue because they are looking to save their own arses.

But at least I left A Warning for Peter Gabriel Fans up on Associated Content and on the Solsbury Hill Forums to at least let them know what they're getting for.

Oh, also I'm now a writer for Bright Hub in the category Depression and Mood Disorders. Seems I'm well qualified for the job.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Peter Gabriel's Orchestral Album Named "New Blood"

Peter's official website announced today that the album or orchestral versions of his songs will be called "New Blood" after the New Blood tour, which sadly concludes this week in Germany. Peter also said that the album will be out "next year" but did not claim what the base year is.

However, one track has been completed and was available for free at Missed it? Don't worry. There are far more tech-savvy Peter Gabriel fans than I am. "Mozo the Mecurial" got this up on You Tube. Enjoy, but brace yourself -- even for a Peter Gabriel song, this is one emotional white-knuckle ride.