Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peter Gabriel; "Curtains" Uscita Mix

(PG portrait done for Mojo by Andy Fallon)

I've been busy and even managed to get an article published on Yahoo! News. I managed to wean myself off of Xanax over the holidays. I had my last dose December 27 and hopefully I'll never touch the stuff again. From now on, I'll deal with panic attacks the old fashioned way -- with ice cream.

Not a lot of news to report on the PG front. It seems that long-time engineer Dickie Chappell has been recruited to the unenviable task of replacing Tina, PG's 20-year fan liason who retired (or was let go) in Spetember. "New Blood" is scheduled to be released "any day now" (ie -- "sometime before the sun engulfs the solar system.") In the meantime, here's a remix of one of PG's most beloved B-sides, "Curtains."


May Monten said...

Congratulations on the Yahoo News sale! Was that a partner request, or something you submitted the regular way?

rraven said...

Thanks for the tips on your blog, May. AC has been slow since they did a big site update in November or so. Also, you'd asked about how I got a Yahoo!News assignment. That was on the Assignment Desk, but they only targeted that particular assignment to writers living in states that switched from predominately one politicalparty to another. Hope this helps.

May Monten said...

Yes, that helps. Thanks!