Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm Busy Making Money for Peter Gabriel Concert

I'm starting to dread my trip to Leipzig, Germany later this year to attend a Peter Gabriel soundcheck and concert.  I'm not dreading the plane flight, the language barrier or the music -- it's paying for it all.  Earlier this year, I needed fillings in 3 front teeth.  Unknown to me, my goofy health insurance no longer covered fillings in the front teeth.  I wound up having to shell out $100 per tooth.

Coupled with the sudden increase in food prices, pet food prices and my health insurance premiums (yes -- the same damn company that would no longer cover fillings in my front teeth -- ALL HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE EVIL), my bank account is severely drained.  I've been working hard to try and afford this trip.  Unfortunately, most available work is low-paying, so I'm back to churning out large quantities of web content, including (I kid you not) how to be a financial dominatrix.  (Look it up.)

Things I do to see a Peter Gabriel concert.

Image nicked from the web somewhere.  It may have something to do with being a financial dominatrix; I don't know.  I'm kinda hoping he lives in Leipzig.

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