Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peter Gabriel Live at Letterman Concert Reivew and More

I finally managed the concert review from November 9. Enjoy.

In other Gabriel fun, I also wrote Top 10 Misconceptions About Peter Gabriel.

PG's touring wraps up today in Mexico for 2011. He may go back to New York City to check in on Witness and relatives, but usually he takes most of December off. This time around he has a great reason for staying at home -- his first grandchild, a boy, is expected in December.

My health continues to plummet, but at least now I can sit up. I'm still working on the new blog Dreaming of Peter which is now monetized. I'm also spending a lot of time trying to find new clients, since most of my old clients had a financially catastrophic 2011.

Had an interesting conversation with my Mom. We were watching a Rolling Stones concert. I asked Mom, "So -- does Keith Richards look more like a vampire or a zombie?"

"Zombie," Mom sanswered without hesitation. "You have to be good looking to be a vampire."

Anyway, let's end with an interview done with Jools Holland earlier this year:

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