Monday, September 29, 2014

Not the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Available for Pre-Sale on

I should've blogged about this sooner but I've been exhausted since getting this puppy accepted by Amazon Direct Publishing.  It will become available on 15 October 2014.  It already made 4 sales.  Yikes!  I hope Not the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes lives up to everyone's expectations.

So far, this is coming out only for Kindle.  If there is enough interest, I may invest in getting it available in a physical format in Create Space.  Right now I do not have the money for it.  If you do not have Kindle, you should be able to get a free Kindle app for your laptop or whatever from

I've been asked if Peter Gabriel appears in the eBook.  Yes, he does.  He makes a very brief cameo in Part IV.  Since PG has a huge sense of humor, I highly doubt anyone will take any offense at his appearance.  If PG didn't mind being mentioned a few times on Father Ted, I doubt he's going to care about popping up in a Sherlock Holmes eBook.

The lovely cover drawing was donated (!) by the even lovelier Stephane Mailliard Perreti.

Roll on October.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

I'm Nearly Finished the Final Draft

Yipperdoodle, that's right -- I'm nearly finished the final draft of Not the New Adventure of Sherlock Holmes.  Basically, all I have left to do are fix formatting issues, make sure copyright page is up to snuff and add an illustration that has been generously donated by one of my Facebook followers.

It's been quite a ride...and it's not over yet. Did you know that ISBN numbers you see on the copyright page of your favorite and not so favorite books aren't free?  They cost about $125 each.  And yes, I took the plunge and bought one.

Also, did you know that you have to remove page numbers from manuscripts before submitting them in an eBook format?  I found that out the hard way.

There is also no guarantee that Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing will accept my manuscript (and if they don't, I am royally screwed.)  Yes, according to the folks over at Amazon KDP, eBook manuscripts are scrutinized before they are allowed to go on sale at Amazon.  I have no idea how thoroughly they check (considering some of the crap sold at Amazon) but this is what their FAQ page says, anyway.

Off to collapse. Muse rode me hard and put me away wet.