Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lots of Peter Gabriel So Box Set Promotion Stuff on the Web

Peter Gabriel's long-delayed So special edition box set was finally released on October 22.  This means that Peter has been doing a sudden flood of publicity to flog the expensive mix of vinyl, CDs and DVDs.  For example, there is a positive but brief review from the BBC (which makes you wonder if the reviewer actually listened to any of the box set.) 

You can find the full list over at Peter's official Facebook page

Forgive me for being light on the snark over the individual reviews/interviews but I've been lucky enough to find a couple of new clients.  Freelance writing is a feast or famine business and right now I need to take advantage of the feast of work before another famine period sets in.

Let me wrap this post up by explaining about the strange image above and to the left of this sentence.  Peter has been saying that after the Back to Front Tour ends (and it did last month) he would "take a year off" to indulge on a round the world trip.  PG or someone in PG's camp posted an image from PG's computer screen to show that he is spending a little bit of time working in the studio before going on his trip for PG-only-knows-how-long-and-will-change-his-mind-at-the-last-second.  Apparently, the working title of this song is "God Song." Hmmm.

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