About the Book

Two homeless men in the greater Philadelphia area insist on being called Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, much to the chagrin of their social worker.

Soon the social worker gets roped into being Mrs. Hudson for the pair. Is Mr. Holmes really Sherlock Holmes, or just a man with severe mental illness? Follow the trio on five adventures and decide.

This eBook continues in the tradition of the Great Game, where fact and fiction blur to the point where you can't tell one from the other.

Why I Wrote This

Not the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is not only my first eBook, but the first in what I hope to be a series enjoyed by readers of mysteries, Jeremy Brett fans and Sherlockians.

It's available on Amazon Kindle only for now. If you do not have a Kindle, Amazon will send you a free Kindle app so that you can enjoy all Kindle eBooks.

I chose to put this out as an eBook so that my mother could read this before she died. (It can take YEARS to get a book published traditionally.) Fortunately, Mom is still with us.

Mom has been pestering me for years to write my autobiography. I didn't feel comfortable enough to do that, so this is the next best thing. I've included elements of my own life with that of this singular pair of homeless men.

About the Cover

I did not have any money to purchase a cover or photo from a stock image company. The free images offered by Amazon were pretty lame (in my opinion.) And then, miraculously, an image was generously donated by my Facebook friend and fellow Peter Gabriel fan:
Stephane Maillard Peretti.

There is a bit in the eBook about a house in the woods, so it really does have something to do with the story.

Why didn't I just use a photo of Jeremy Brett (as I see some other eBook writers have done)? It's because those photos are copyrighted. Please -- if you are going to self-publish, use an original image instead of filching from another artist.

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