Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peter Gabriel Tickets for Toronto Go On Sale Monday, March 28

Oh, Toronto: Get up and caffeinated by 10 AM to hit online and get kicked to the curb by Ticketmaster. Or, if you're lucky, just go camp out at the Amplitheatre NOW -- but only if you have American Express. Prices Canadian dollars 66.25 to 204.00

And thanks for the screw up, Real World, for keeping PG fans in the dark about ticket availablitity until the next-to-last possible moment. It's a shame that ANYONE has to get their PG ticket information from my shitty little blog than from Hopefully, now that I've made myself look like an idiot ranting, this will be immediately rectified by the few remaining Real World staff.

So far, there are NO announced plans for VIP ticket pacakges for any North American date.

Also -- no information as to ticket prices for most of the tour.

Gee -- don't you think we'd kinda need to know that, Real World? "Nah -- here's my credit card number. Take out what you want."

Head. Wall. BANG.


Anonymous said...

Toronto is too far to go, but might make it to Red Rocks.

It will be great to meet other Lunatics - this is going to be an exciting summer.

Are you catching the NJ show rraven? You must be looking forward to seeing Peter again.

rraven said...

It's looking doubtful as to whether I can go to any PG show this summer, Anonymous.

willow said...

why not?

rraven said...

Money problems. Health problems. Transportation problems (I'm too blind to drive, so rely on public transit).

Nessa said...

I hope all your problems are resolved and you get to see Peter - will send some healing vibes your way - good luck

rraven said...

Thanks for the kind words, Lorne. BTW, I'm an atheist ;-)