Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Time To Tax Organized Religion

(Note: My views are not the views of any political party that I'm aware of.)

Let's face it -- organized religion is a business. Also, we are in an unprecedented economical crisis which requires gobs and gobs of money. Who has gobs and gobs of money and hoarding it for themselves? Organized religion -- no matter what you call it -- Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Scientology -- all of them are out to make money and all of them make money and all have property and so all need to pay taxes. I'm Pagan and I'd make the Pagans and Wiccans pay, too.

Besides, what good do they do? Nothing! They're just country clubs with pews.

Organized religion claims to be humanity's greatest hope. Prove it -- shell out the money and pay your fair share of taxes. They have such faith in God -- let Him pay the bill.

Let's end with a laugh with a conversation between Bill Mahar and Christopher Hitchens about how religion poisons everything:

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Peter Gabriel's Birthday

Ever since I started this blog, I put this picture up on Peter's birthday. This year is no exception. There has been misinformation that started in the 80's that Peter was born on May 13. I think he put that out so he'd get twice the prezzies.

Short post this time around. Off to celebrate.