Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peter Gabriel's 3D Movie and Redesigned Webpage Receive Underwhelming Responses

It's a strange time to be a PG fan. Thanks to the Intenet, there's more material to access, but trying to find out new information about PG's projects can be just as difficult as back in the days of snail mail and rumors put out by Q magazine.

Peter's 3D concert film, Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra: LIVE in 3D has come and gone to Europe and North America (although whether France and Italy will get any screenings is unsure.) Publicity for the film was practically nil. Amazingly, this resulted in almost-empty cinemas -- either that or the few fans who went brought along a lot of extra empty chairs. Peter hmself did not begin doing publicity for the film until 11 September -- which was well after most areas had their one and only showing.

You have to wonder -- does Peter sometimes think, "I've really had it with being sucessful -- let's screw up for a change!"

Fans are divided about's completely new design. It's been the first major revamp since 2002. Most fans that I've talked to hate the new design -- "pig's ear" was the most memorable phrase used -- but a few of us actually like like it. (About six at my last informal count.)

Yes, that's right, folks -- I LOVE the new design. (Same to you.) It downloads faster on my old PC and doesn't give me a headache when I read the text. So, THERE. Kudos or complaints go to "cavedwellerrich" from Real World's staff for actually going onto the fan forums and taking some heat. I'm unsure why Rich picked the nickname "cavedwellerrich" but after dealing with PG fans all week, I'D sure as hell like to live in a cave.

Let's conclude this by looking at a snippet of PG's press conference in Montreal on 12 September:

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