Saturday, May 28, 2011

PG & Me News for Late May, 2011

I found this image of PG recently on Facebook and thought I'd share. I don't know who the photographer was or if the image was manipulated in any way. Please note that I do not know if the image is copyrighted. Just everyone please assume it is.

Peter Gabriel News

1) Article at about how a British pop music memorabilia collector David Miller. It includes this interesting mental image:

Bill Graham, after he closed the Fillmore, opened up Winterland. It was my friend Michael Morton’s idea to get there at 6 a.m.; that was the only way we could get to [spots] in front of the stage. It was a pretty crazy idea, but we were 21. We [then] got the idea that we could stand outside the door and wait; we got The Kinks and Fleetwood Mac that way. They might even come in early for a soundcheck. That’s how we got Peter Gabriel’s autograph.

Peter Gabriel was one of our more interesting ones. We’d occasionally see people who tried to dress up like a rock star. [While waiting] Michael said, “Look at that idiot trying to look like Peter Gabriel. Oh my God! It is Peter Gabriel!” He has these wooden clogs on, and he starts kicking the door. My friend Gary walks up to him and says, “You can kick at that door all you want, but the entrance is over there.” We somehow got his autograph that day. After [the concert] he ran out and literally dove headfirst into the waiting station wagon.

2) PG contributed to this article (up at several websites) about the time when he jammed with two bonobo chimpanzees (the inspiration for PG's song "Animal Nation.") I wonder how many corrections to PG's emails the writer had to make.

3) PG mentioned in his May vlog that he was talking to Ticketmaster about why the ticket prices to his North American shows in June are so expensive. PG noted that he would post their response on and his official Facebook page, but nothing has gone up yet. "Because we can," is most likely Ticketmaster's response.

Me News

I'm not yet fully recovered from my concussion. I'll probably never recover from not being able to see a single one of PG's gigs this year, even the show about 30 minutes from my home in Camden, New Jersey. Now I know that's not logical, since I managed to see 3 PG gigs last year, so THAT'S how I know I'm not over my concussion yet. I have sedatives squirreled away just to get me through the day of the Camden gig on June 25.

And, yes, I'm still banned from posting comments on PG's FB page. Thanks for asking!

Just to show PG's staff that I'm not obsessed with PG (I do think about other topics, believe it or not) I've started a Facebook page called My Dog Is Better Than Your God. People without brains need not click the link.

That's it for now. Off to work.

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