Thursday, November 17, 2016

Laptop Really Has Cancer Now

After three and a half weeks glorious remission, the Black Screen of Death cancer has returned to my 4+ Dell Inspirion 5040 laptop. This time, I think it's a gonner. I'm depressed since this laptop treated me better than any of my boyfriends did. I hating hitting my Mom up for money but have no choice. No laptop -- no work freelance writing. And I guess I can kiss the year-long subscription I had to Windows and Office goodbye.

Oh yeah -- tomorrow is my birthday. Happy fucking birthday to me.

Friday, November 11, 2016

My Last Honest Post

I won't be posting anything about myself -- especially about how I really think about things -- anymore on this blog until after Trump leaves office or people in America are allowed to have an opinion anymore.

I'm still looking for work -- but do not expect to find any.

Oh -- my ebook is still availble on Amazon.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I Think My Laptop Has Cancer

I may not be online for a while since I think my previously-trusty Dell laptop seems to have gone beyond a virus and toppled into cancer. It's one of those hideous Black Screen of Death affairs. I've spent the last two (or is it three?) days trying to fix this myself (ha ha) using tutorials from YouTube and elsewhere. Wish me luck.

Friday, September 30, 2016

I Think I Have Brain Damage Because I Want to Write Tons of Book Reviews

Howdy. Sorry I haven't blogged since June. I've been busy writing for money from others and then I'd get so stressed that I'd have to chill out by either reading or writing book reports on Goodreads. Earlier this year I was in the Top 100 of book reviewers (I was #99) but now I see I've somehow jumped up to #61.

I can't remember how many reviews I've written (as opposed to just clicking the star rating. That's too wimpy for me). I think I've gone past 1600 now. Well, the sake of argument we'll say I have written over 1600 reviews.

And not just that. No, no, no. My high only comes after I've done the ol' Cut & Paste finger dance and copied it into a file of my reviews that I keep on my laptop.

I'm not just a book addict. I'm a HARD CORE book addict.

I have no idea why I'm so driven to do these reviews. Perhaps because I'm so tempted to do drugs. Or perhaps it's the only way I can be assured of a reading audience. Or maybe because one day I'll become famous for writing thousands of book  reviews.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Peter Gabriel "I'm Amazing" -- Yes, You Are, Peter

I know I haven't written much about Peter Gabriel in the last three years. In my defense, there hasn't been much to write about. He does an appearance here, an interview there and has not officially released a new single in years. (Unless you count the bizarre "Oh But" he did on his last live tour 2 years ago.)

But now we have a new single suddenly being released today on YouTube and tomorrow on all those neat-o places where you can download music. I'm too old to know anything about how those places work, so I'll assume you already know what to do.

I have known that PG and Sting were going to tour together this summer and did not feel like blogging about it. I just can't afford to go. And it looked like a "greatest hits" kind of show and I've already seen those. I have seen Sting live once before and he is a very unpredictable performer -- but not in a good way. He has good and bad days. Unlike PG, which has always been "on" whenever I've seen him.

I was feeling pretty bummed that I could not go see PG play, but this single makes up for that. I love it! Despite the happy title and PG's explanation that it was inspired by Muhammad Ali this is a very PG song in that it's sinister and sensual. I may just blow the rest of the day listening to this over and over again. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Now I Officially Spend Too Much Time On Goodreads

Ever since David Bowie died, I've been finding it hard to write anything -- even a shopping list. Of course, that probably has nothing specifically due to David Bowie's death. I'd been having trouble finding any paying writing gigs since 2014.

So I started hanging out at Goodreads. Originally it was to promote my ebook Not the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes but then I just began hanging around to get recommendations on new books to read. I found out that I could  write short book reviews which may help other book lovers (or at least just give them a laugh.) Some days I'd be there for hours. I began to suspect that i was spending way too much time on Goodreads. I even wrote a blog post about it.

Well, now it's official. I DO spend way too much time at Goodreads. Yesterday, I received this email from Goodreads itself:

Hello Rena,
1459554269 1459554269 goodreads misc
In our community of readers, you stand out in a notable way: You're one of the top 1% of reviewers on Goodreads!
With every rave and every pan, with every excited GIF and every critical assessment, you've helped the Goodreads community get closer to a very important milestone – the 50 Million Reviews mark! Check out the fun infographic we made to celebrate!
You've written 1071 reviews since joining Goodreads on September 5th, 2014. Out of all the reviews you've written, this is the review that got the most attention:
Rena Sherwood rated a book liked it
Nov 18, 2014 11:30 PM
111x148. uy93
The Young Black Stallion (The Black Stallion, #20)
by Walter Farley
This was Walter Farley's swan song to the Black Stallion series. His son Steven helped him write it. The events consist of a flashback Alec has right after the cataclysmic events of The Black Stallion Legend. It's at turns poetic and then downright bizarre. A two year old colt being called a stallion? Hmmm. Also, I liked the fact that The Black looked as if he killed someone right before he was forced onto the Drake. It made him a real bad-ass. Here this scene is rewritten to be more PC. Oh, come on. This book does however help explain why the Black didn't kill Alec while they were stranded on the island in The Black Stallion.
Reading reviews by book lovers like you is one of our favorite things on Goodreads. Thank you for helping other readers find a good (or avoid a not-so-good!) book.
Keep reading (and reviewing!)
1459554702 1459554702 goodreads misc
Co-Founders of Goodreads

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Not David Bowie

I'm just gutted that David Bowie died. In my life, there have been very few friends, so celebrities wind up being better friends than most people I come across. All I expected from David Bowie was good music and the occasional joke during an interview. And he rarely disappointed.

Now I'm thinking about mortality and wondering if I should change my life priorities. So I won't be writing for a while. Everyone be good while I'm gone.