What Happened to the Spirtuality Stuff?

The Perfect Blog Title originally started as my various bizarre thoughts about religion, spirituality, animal rights and all that jazz.  Back in 2006, I was a pagan leaning towards atheism.  Before that, I had been raised as a Born Again Christian and survived a Christian education.  By 2011 I dropped the pagan part.  This  blog's focus shifted from my first forays into freelance writing and then to rest more on less on being a Peter Gabriel blog.

Most of the blog posts pertaining to spirituality, witchcraft, paganism, Christianity, Mormons, etc. are still up on this blog.  Just go down the right-hand menu to the archive and select any year from 2006 to 2010 or so.  I did have to remove some posts because they were either completely out of date, incredibly silly (even for me) and/or being a magnet for a huge amount of spam.

I also started a Facebook page that focuses more on my "spiritual" life these days called My Dog Is Better Than Your God.  It gets a lot more hits than this blog ever did and is more fluid and interactive in nature than a blog.  I also get less spam, except for the usual Facebook ads.  Dog bless!

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