Friday, October 21, 2011

The Good Peter Gabriel News: BBC 2 Concert

Peter Gabriel and the BBC Orchestra recorded a free concert at the Mermaid Theatre on 19 October. An edited version of the concert was aired 20 October and will online from BBC iPlayer until 27 October. In a pleasent suprise, many PG fans living outside of the UK were able to hear the broadcast -- including me. I still haven't come down yet from this unexpected PG high!

This concert is such a treat. Yes, there are some audible glitches, but they give a live gig it's charm, don't they? Yes, four songs were cut out from the final broadcast. But what remains is still crackin' good stuff with lots of passion, tension and release. If you are a PG fan (and I know you are) drop everything and go hear this. (Torrents of the concert may also be available on Genesis -- The Movement.)

It's been a roller-coaster of a year for this Peter Gabriel fan. I got a new CD New Blood and news of a tour of North America -- and could not afford tickets; Mom got very sick and now has osteosporosis; and I just received a temporary diagnosis of adenomyosis. I got banned from the PG Facebook page but was allowed back on the PG Forums. I've received some information from sources I will not reveal that this year that my Internet writings have managed to piss off:

1) Dickie Chappell, Real World's head engineer and part-time photographer
2) Rachael H., PG staff member
3) Peter Gabriel -- yeah THAT Peter Gabriel -- the same guy I've been in love with since June 15, 1986


And yet, there has been this lovely concert dropped into my lap for free. Sure, I wasn't in the audience, but the sound was INCREDIBLE. Thanks to lucky audience member and long-time Gabriel fan David Gurl for providing me the public link to BBC iPlayer and posting this photo on his Facebook page. Listening to this concert was having Halloween, Christmas and losing my virginty all at once.

Off to bask in the afterglow (pun intended.)

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