Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peter Gabriel Has Grammar Problems

It's been a bizarre last week or so. I got contacted by someone claiming to be Dickie Chappell, Peter Gabriel's long-time engineer. You think I believed him? Especially after my battles with a cyberstalker? Naaaahhhh. But I did play along and honestly told him what I thought. Sorry, Dickie -- but at least I was honest.

I'm not going to go into details of the email exchange because as luck would have it, it WAS Dickie Chappell that contacted me. He has also contacted at least two other PG fans that bought VIP tickets to last year's New Blood tour and have a Facebook account.

But Dickie did mention that PG was going to start doing once a month posts on Facebook. Of course, PG has been doing about 10 vlogs a year since 2002 but why the jump to online text only contact? Because Facebook is far more of a frighteningly powerful promotional tool that anyone could have expected. If the comments on PG's FB page is any indication, only about a third of PG's worldwide fan base was even aware that he had an official website, let alone a monthly vlog.

So PG posted. And, oh, I see why he shied away from posting before:

Hi there everyone, It's Peter. Welcome to the first full moon message of the year. This is for anyone who wants to check out what we are working on and up to each month.

I wanted to also say that I don't really think that my life is that interesting to be talking about it everyday and also I don't want my life to be a slave to a piece of technology. I do though make a commitment to directly communicate once a month which does work for me and I hope it will work for you too.

It's an easy way to remember you only have to look up at the sky and if the moon is getting full you know that its time to check in on what we are doing.

We have been very busy music-wise recently but things are almost finished, so at the end of this month's video you will get a taste of my 'New Blood' version of 'Wallflower'.

Have a great month and hope to see you when the moon is full again.


The love of my life, my inspiration and my aspiration -- cannot write his way out of a wet paper bag. I guess with the recent layoffs at Real World there isn't anyone left who can do elementary proofreading. And I don't think I impressed Dickie any with my brutally honest emails.

Off to bang my head against a wall.


Zancy said...

Wet paper bag author is not Peter Gabriel. The message is likely a version of his "message intention", composed by an alternative. People who know Peter's mind, the way he processes and communicates, know right off that this isn't actually PG. Unfortunate for those of us who would like to see some soul reflective words take form from within the real PG. Zancy VonHooks

rraven said...

Hate to burst your bubble, Zancy, but that WAS Peter Gabriel. Compare that FB statement to other known prose writings or written speeches.

Zancy said...

Precisely what I spent the last little while doing...reading interviews to look at speech patterns and similar composition style. Surprise for me! I am actually concerned for him. He articulates as one who is detached or sedate(d). I hope that if he has "lost himself, within himself", that someone close to him guides him back to his own higher state. From a PR angle there may be more damage than good if people don't get the intellectual substance they expect. Indeed, perhaps he has burned out from those constant bizarre and self-indulgent comments from fans. When did people of an ordinary nature seem to forget the basics- that boundaries still exist?
That said, no excuses.
I would rather spend the 2 minutes it takes to compose something worthy of posting~ rather than risk my own sense of creativity diminishing. Really.
Damage control...looks like nobody is paying attention and that in itself is insightful.

rraven said...

PG had a noticeable stammer in his teens, but his public speaking has improved tremendously. He is quick-witted and quick to laugh. PG also gets easily distracted (so he says) and his conversation goes off on many subjects. I did contact Real World about cleaning up PG's prose but I don't think anyone was impressed with my suggestion. In fact, I think I pissed them off (whoops.) Since PG has a reputation for being eccentric and out of the ordinary, so far we seem to be the only two fans that care about his lack of writing skills.

Zancy said...

Constructive criticism is difficult to receive at that level I am certain. It should be noted as a PR tickler for them. I for one would be happy to volunteer composition on their behalf with no self-interest...simply to help with the solution to a what might be a long-term problem. Creative longevity should be on their sight.
As you said, if it is not on an internal target, that would be more of an arrogance stand rather than what I might perceive as true to form for PG. Oh well, we can't help everyone dig out. Thanks for your valid concerns.
Be well~Zancy VonHooks

rraven said...

I, also, would do pro bono work for PG. All I would do is brush up the grammar, spelling & punctuation while leaving the meaning. In autum of 2010, Real World let go many of their employees due to budget problems and they probably got rid of all the writers. Thank you for the interesting conversation, Zancy.

Zancy said...

Indeed. The feeling is mutual.

Within our world of fast and vast global communication lies an inherent opportunity to renew the ancient art of writing in a unique way. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you ever hear of an RFP from the PG camp regarding what others may be seeking. My favorite colleagues are those who shoot it straight back at me. They truly help me rise to my greatest abilities and I value them as holding me accountable to my own best standard.
Be well and continue to shoot straight!