Sunday, May 01, 2011

Peter Gabriel at the Beach & 2011 Ticket Contest

EDIT: The contest is now OVER. Sorry!

Found this photo today on Facebook and decided to share (until I get a cease and desist, anyway). I am trying to find out just when this photo was taken and who took it but so far all I know is that the beach is apparently not Sardinia, where Peter owns a hotel, but at St Bart's, somewhere in the Carribean. He's damn brave to go out in a swimsuit and relaxed enough not to give a tinker's how he appears. Wearing a swimsuit is something I'll never be able to do again. Lucky bastard!

Anyway, I've been hit with a double infection of sinusitis and pharyngitis so this is possibly the last blog post for a while. This on top of hastily getting two teeth replaced. And to think that one year ago today I arrived in New York City to see PG soundcheck and concert as well as meet some fellow fans.

But if you are a North American Peter Gabriel fan that could not afford concerts, Real World is holding a free to enter contest where you can win two tickets to the venue of your choice during the tour. You also get to go to the soundcheck. The only thing is that you need to list the name of a friend. I've asked Real World what to do if you do not have a friend but I've never received a reply.

Hope you have better luck than this PG photo given a Paint job by myself back in 2008 or so.

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