Friday, August 04, 2006

Let's Blame Barney

The computer is still in rehab, faithful readers. But I think I know what happened to it. Barney got it.

Poor Barney. I've got a feeling he may be the mysterious ship in the night of my whirling dervish of a pup, Pony. What were they doing, letting a DOG guard teddy bears? How long has Barney been submitted to guarding teddy bears? Was he a model employee and then realized his job was going to be outsourced to India? Was he mad at being named Barney? If the damn teddies were so valuable, then why weren't they under glass? At least teddies can be repaired. What about poor Barney's reputation?

Of course, the blame goes to the humans in this situation. But since the humans have power, they all blame Barney.

Might as well blame God. If it wasn't for the universe existing, this wouldn't have happened!

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