Monday, August 28, 2006

Write On

So, it's been nearly a year since I and my puppy tucked our collective tails between our legs and went across the Pond home to Mommy because my handmade home was burnt down, with my mauscript inside of it. I'm unemployed, trying to readjust to the culture shock of living back in the Philly area, am trying to remember what country I learned phrases from, and learning Mom's computer. So what's the best thing I could do?

Write another book, of course! Not that I've ever gotten one published, but hey, that's not the point, is it? It's trying to ride to life's bucking bronco before the bell rings. As before, I define spirituality as whatever keeps you bothering to breathe and writing books that will destined to be trashed seems to be my way of worshipping. Keeps the nightmares at bay, anyway.

I'm on Chapter Thirteen of this damn thing, and so my blog posts will most likely be a bit sporatic until I have a presentable mauscript. It touches on spiritual themes in a sort of modern myth grabbing a few heroes from past and future. So far it used to be called Rena's Story, but I'm not in it, so now it's
A Work In Progress Titles have the virtue of being the easiest part of a book to change. The story is told in third person, but mainly through the eyes of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (He's the only Star Trek character in the far) I have an Everyman character who is based on Peter Gabriel, who really needs to be in more personal mythologies. I don't think I can give his actual name without incurring Peter's wrath....wait a minute...maybe I will stick his name in, then. Off to stare at a blank piece of paper until drops of blood appear on my forehead...


Majic said...

Sounds good!Why don't you publish a chapter or so on your blog? Loads of budding authors do it.

Majic said...

Sounds good! Why don't you publish a chapter or two on your blog? Loads of budding authors do it. Helps you focus when you get some feedback.

rraven said...

Wow--you mean someone would be actually interestyed in reading it? Great suggestion--and thanks for taking the time to look at my little blog.

Majic said...

Sorry - don't know why they came out twice! Having trouble with my 'puter tonight.
Yeah - I would love to read your book.
I love writing, and I am going to write a book one day, apparently (fortune teller told me, so it must be true!).That's why I write my blog, just to keep the juices flowing.
Very cathartic too, as I always say 'A blog a day keeps the therapist at bay', and so much cheaper too!