Monday, July 31, 2006

I Need Lotsa Prayer and Pizza

Greetings, faithful readers...both of you. I am coming to you today from a secret locale in the Philadelphia area, as my Mom's computer went crash, bang, wallop on Tuesday. The repairman is coming tonight. Please pray that the computer can be fixed, as I've told this computer's owners that I'm doing a jobsearch. The ruse is hard to carry out after a while. I'm going out of my tiny little mind. And to think I used to live electricity (and plumbing) free for over three years!

Hopefully, the blog will return to normal (whatever that is) tomorrow. Knock on wood. In the meantime, AOL today ponders the question: Does spirituality help you lose weight?" I can tell you right now


Not only does it not help with diets, but I could kill for a pizza.

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