Friday, August 25, 2006


My absolute favourite telly show is Sesame Street. I was born a day or two after the show premiered. It is the only show that has survived all of my 36 years (going on 37). So I get really nervous every summer wondering if the series will get renewed. Granted, since the mid 1990's I haven't been keeping up with the show. But I'm glad to see it still exists and has an infusion of new blood to keep it alive. This pic here is, of course, the spawn of Satan, the evil incarnate ABBY CADABBY!

She's not human! She's a fairy! She admits it! She can do magic! She's PINK, for goodness' sake! THE HORROR!

As if we don't have anything else to argue about. World peace...the hole in the ozone layer...deciding whether or not Pluto deserves to be a planet...apparantly these all pale in comparison to the affrontery of a blatantly pagan character joining the ranks of conservative Christian parents and television critics. I guess they watch the show more than their kids do.

The argument against Abby is that she's a faery. What kind of positive image does that give young girls? A Goddamn good one, I say. Women contain the mysterious ability to have babies--that's magick. Ever talk to men? They tend to view women as creatures from another planet (and women generally hold the same view as men.)

Give a kid a metaphore and they'll roll all day with it. More than their parents, apparantly.

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