Monday, August 14, 2006

Henge a Henge

Pardon me as I reel from all the outpouring of love Pony received for her 2nd birthday. Imagine--the world has been blessed with two years of Pony. Thanks for the kind thoughts. She even got a video from Starfleet.

Yes, from the above link you can see that I've discoverd This is the sort of thing I would've killed for as a teenager. So I'm making up for lost time.

Which leads us to Stonehenge, and all the other stone monliths and circles and other more or less geometrical patterns. Every now and then I wonder why these damn things were built. (Some people's spirituality requires prayers and flowers--mine seems to require pondering questions that have surprisingly little to do with my everyday life.) Calander? Temple? Job Fair? What?

Which brings us back to YouTube and, of course, Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm stunned by the amature vidoes on here, ones that are actually quite funny and quite visually spectacular. Partcularly the Star Trek vs Everything category. How many hours did these things take to do? The selecting and editing and layering and posting and then commenting on these video tributes to Star Trek, Star Wars, the Mentos commercial--in order to do a decent parody you have to really know your target. That takes time. And usually a certain ammount of affection.

Perhaps that was why Stonehenge came to be. It was cool. That's why they did it.

Now back to partying with the Pony puppy...

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