Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Do We Have The Right To Worship Any Damn Way We Want?

Okay, by now I bet you heard that the crazy leader of a splinter Mormon cult, the FLDS, was finally captured because his car's plates were unreadable. ABC News keeps playing a years' old clip of a blond follower of The Prophet shaking in rage bellowing "I HAVE THE RIGHT TO WORSHIP ANY DAMN WAY I WANT!" which got me thinking--do we?

Now, grant it, I've never had any personal contact with this cult. They haven't sent me any threatening letters or promotional literature. I do take issue with child abuse, and splitting up families for a whim (as this cult does.)But, as I do believe in religious freedom, does that mean I have to feel bad for a guy who is crazy enough to have 60 kids?

No, it doesn't. This guy hurts others. That's a little hard to defend in any court, celestial or otherwise. One advantage of kooky cults is that they're ususally all in one place, so we can keep an eye on them. I have nothing against kooky cults. Especially kooky suicide cults (and the FLDS looks as if it's going to be one). They're worth it for the entertainment value alone. They want to hurt themselves, fine--but as soon as you drag someone who isn't willing, then things get psycho. It would be like dragging little chidren off to Sunday School on a perfectly sunny Sunday. AHHH!!!

So, I hope that cults themselves, no matter how kooky, all cults can be allowed. But as soon as they break the golden rule, smack the individulas responsible. And then give them all Darwin Awards.
Besides, we used to do human sacrifices. We could think of suicide cults as voluntary human sacrifices to save the rest of us. Sounds good to me--my ass is saved.

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