Monday, August 07, 2006

Meeting Angels

I once met my guardian angel, now ex-guardian angel. Barney did a better job of watching me than this angel named Dusty (which should've been a big clue right there as to how effective he was.)I did the stream of consciousness writing thing to "contact" him and got some good art from it. He told me lots of things, but none really useful. He said angels can only intercede seven times in their guarded's life, which sorta made sense. I only once touched him.

I was living in Lancaster County, PA at the time and needed a nap between my two jobs. He walked in, dressed in black and white, and proceeded to give me a foot massage. I did not have my glasses on, so I couldn't see his face well. I assumed it was my boyfriend at the time. I soon fell asleep. That was all. Back to dreams and automatic writing after that.

Angels can mess with your head, so I'm a little disconcerted that they have their own fan club in many many religions. They're just as messed up as anyone else. They also tend to think differently. "Angel, I'd like a pony." "But you don't NEED a pony." "Cheers, Mate." And, even when being given a glimpse of the beauty of eternity, it still doesn't change the price of beans any.

So my guardian angel Dusty left for England about 1994 and never came back. We still send each other Christmas cards and the occassional daydream, so it was an amiable split. I have no guardian angel now.

I prefer my dog. God/dess bless Dusty, wherever he is in England, but my dog at least chases the nightmares away, which is more than any heavenly being has ever done. No wonder things are so screwed up--we have guardian angels instead of guard dogs!

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