Sunday, August 20, 2006

Deep Thought About Living

Hey-ho, rraven the blog here with another edition of the Bloggit Show! ::Applause::

Anyway, on with it.

One of the struggles I've had all my spiritual life is how important or individuality is. Why struggle all your life to Know Thyself if, after death, we are all absorbed by the Great Sponge In The Sky? If we are all part of the picture, then just how important are those individual pieces if in the end all the pieces fuse together? These are the things I think about after ten cups of tea and unsuccessfully tring to find a job. Anyway--

Ever keep going to the same town on your vacations and, even after years, know you haven't seen all that town had to offer? Or how about a favorite book--or movie--at each reading/viewing, you see different things. Perhaps The Great Spirit works like this.

Perhaps each creature is a differnt point of view of God/dess. We all are different incarnations of each other. And all of these incarnations are living simultaneously. I guess then end of the universe will happen after Last Call. Then we go home to bed, sleep it off, and do it all over again.

Yes, I hear you--"Go get another cup of tea."

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