Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thoughts From The Dentist's Chair

Perhaps God/dess wasn't awake enough when He/She/It created the universe. Hot caffinated beverages had not been invented yet. Perhaps that's why things are as screwy as they are. If I were God there's a lot of things that would be different. Like what, I hear you clamor? Ah well, since you insist:
  • Teeth would NOT have NERVES in them (replay title link)

  • You should only remember what you wnat to remember

  • Any white person attempting to rap should spontaneously combust.

  • Male nipples would be pockets you can hide headache medicine in--or at least do SOMETHING, dammit

  • Coerce Peter Gabriel into making more albums. He's in the second photo in this post. Come to think of it, I'd make posting Blogger pictures easier, too

  • Oh, yeah...probably that world peace thing...

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