Friday, September 08, 2006

Warning: I'm Pissed Off

NOTE: The following post is NOT directed at anyone who was directly affected by 9/11. In fact, you're better off skipping reading this post and watching this

Right. As mentioned in the title, I am pissed off. So, I decided to take the pissed off-ness energy and do a blog post rather than bang my head against a wall...which, actually, is pretty much the same thing at times. ANYWAY

I'm really hoping America (those not directly suffering from the tragic events of 9/11)gets over 9/11. As a student of mythology, I see 9/11 as having a potential to wind up being a whopper. In one sense, it was a day where a lot of Americans lost their sense of security, which is actually a good thing. This is being written by a person who has survived flood, arson, homelessness, being put in hospital by the man who claimed to love me and trans-Atlantic airplane rides. Yes, it was a tragedy. But do we HAVE to be kept reminded of it? Billboards, banners planted in the front yard, TV mini series, supermarket circulars proclaiming "Remember!"...hell, I can't even go SHOPPING without paranoia being thrown in for free? I can see 9/11 greeting cards and 9/11 carols right around the corner, folks:
So sorry you lost someone in 9/11
At least he's smilin' down from heaven!

America seems more paranoid now than when I left it (I was living in Cranliegh, England on 9/11 and couldn't phone the US that day...that was surreal..."Leave a message, and the country will try to get back you")That's a shame, because Americans seemed to really like a good time no matter how crappy the day. Now the Americans I meet and see on TV are jumping at their own shadow.

That's not living, folks. Yes, 9/11 was a nightmare. But we got through it, and we know that we can and will survive. Want to piss off Al Quieda? Live as you did on 9/10/01. Case in point, the dogs of 9/11.
They do not stop to make speeches, paint murals or plant flags. They keep on being dogs. The day always begins with a wag of the tail. There's a great lesson in that, in that they can see what we can't. I hope one day we will remember 9/11 breifly only on 9/11, and then live as happily and as fear-free as we can the rest of the year. That would be the best memorial of all to the victims.

"Come, give me your hand: what's done cannot be undone: to bed, to bed, to bed."
— Lady Macbeth, Act V, Sc. 1


Majic said...

Oh no! The grumps is catching. Mind you, at least you are worked up about something worthwhile, mine was just, well, hormones!
Seriously,though, don't get me started on 9/11. I have very controversial theories about the real perpetrators.
'Al Quieda' need to understand that the majority of people in the west deplore what their governments are doing in Iraq, yet it is these only these innocent people who suffer in terrorist attacks. If Al Quieda are really behind it all, that is.Maybe we need to look a little closer to home...

rraven said...

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment on it. Don't worry-I won't get you started on 9/11. :-0

As a victim of abuse, I was for a while a bit obsessed with revenge against my ex. While I know that is paltry in comparison to 9/11, at the time I didn't. I just can't help see some people obsessed for revenge. Revenge ruins one's life even more than the actual event that you feel the need for revenge in the first place. Or obsessing morbidly on the tragedy over and over and over again.