Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back In The USofA

One year ago today, my dog Pony and I left England to go live with my Mom in the Philadelphia area (the area of my breeding and training). We were in Bathwick and had to get to Gatwick on the other side of the country by 11 am. This was fun. It required we wake at 4am to catch a 5am train out of Bath Spa Station (convincing Pony that the train was not a monster--she literally had to make a leap of faith to get on the train), transfer at Reading, then on to Gatwick. At Gatwick, we discovered US Airways could not give us a dog crate although they originally said they could. We then had to take a taxi to British Airways, ALL HAIL BRITISH AIRWAYS, who felt pity on us and GAVE us an abandoned dog crate. Then we faced about a 10 hour journey to Philly International (with all the delays) where Pony had more room, a good sleep in the dim hold of the plane while I was crammed in a tiny sleep surrounded by strangers who seemed obsessed with bright shiny objects.

But we made it--'cause we had to. So what have I learned in a year?

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