Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PETA Bread

My dog and I find an average of three cents a day when we go for a walk. That's what, $10 a year? That's money that kinda drops out of the sky. My luck has been trmendously bad (see practically the rest of this blog) but in some ways it's been tremendously good. My dog Pony is the greatest dog in the world...yes, see, Pony, I've typed it in the blog, so get off me now, ok?

So what to do with the money? Especially since I'm unemployed? After the total disappointment of Philly Pagan Pride Day, I've been thinking long and hard about my real spirituality. I've decided it has nothing to do with wearing pentagrams, dressing in black and going to things called Pagan Pride Days. It means to try and do as much good as possible, including spreading some of the good luck that's come my way back to the people that means the most to me--animals. Since I'm so discombubulated at the moment, I joined PETA and let them have the fun of dealing with a lost cause. It's a good echo of life--we try to live it as best we can, even though we know we're going to die at the end of all the hard work. So let's keep smilin' and carrying the SAVE THE WHATEVER signs.


Majic said...

I think you are spot on with your conclusion aboout religion. I don't follow any organised religion, yet consider myself to be an intensely spiritual person. I think the majority of people who follow organised religions are 'joiners', and would join some other 'club' if religion wasn't around. Don't be an 'anything' - just be yourself, and follow your own individual path in life.
I do believe in the power of prayer, though, and when any group of people come together and focus on a cause, things happen. So why not focus on PETA? Sounds like a pretty good 'religion' to me.

rraven said...

Thanks for your comments. I probably won't focus my energies on PETA, as there are a few things they do I don't agree with (I happen to think animals are safer in good zoos than in the wild, for example)--that, and I'm just too damn tired.

I also consider myself an intensely spiritual person (probably to the point where real life is just too baffling) but I just don't worship well with others. Perhaps we should all get together and...! Well, maybe not :-)

Majic said...

Know what you mean - I think that spirituality is so personal, and we are all here to seek something different and learn different lessons.
Organised religions just get in the way somehow. Still think that positive energy focused on something gets results though - maybe we should choose a monthly 'worthy cause' and have an alternative e-prayer meeting - bring your own religion!
I like the idea of meeting in the 'ether'. We'll never do it, but it's a nice idea!