Thursday, September 28, 2006

"So, rraven, How's It Going?"

Judging from the image I've selected, I guess that'll tell you how the job interview today went.

Oh, it was a nice interview (a fire drill happened in the middle of it)and my interviewer seemed a real sweetheart. However, the company that PENDOT (the Pennsylvania Everything Damning Of all Transprtation) hires out turned out to be Philadelphia Developmental Disabilities Coorporation and unfortunately, I'm just not Disabled enough to qualify (or fortunately, depending on your point of view). I had no idea I was supposed to be disabled. I guess I should add that to the resume.

On the other hand, it was great to know that a place like this exists in Philly and seems to be doing good work. The atmosphere was casual, friendly and first-name basis. Donald Trump could probably learn a thing or two from them.

In other news, last night I finished the first draft of my Captain Jean-Luc Picard adventure into the universe of world mythology. I'm still too tired to celebrate properly--then off to write a more polished draft and send it out to gather reject slips. Hooray!


Majic said...

Isn't that inverse discrimination?!!
Well,at least you get called for an interview. I'm starting to think someone has secretly added the fact I have leprosy to my CV, as no one will touch me with a ten foot pole. Hey, maybe I should apply to PENDOT - they would see that as plus point!

rraven said...

Don't you live in the UK? That wouyld be one heck of a commute! I think my CV has leprosy, too...either that or people are too busy laughing at it to take it seriously.