Thursday, September 21, 2006

Slap Happy

Creation myths are so boss, aren't they? I have a feeling origin of humanity myths mostly came from being asked by an innocent four year old "Mummy--where do babies come from?" I've read a lot of baby origin myths--the stork, finding babies in a cabbage patch--but a Cherokee myth beats the lot. Granted, a lot about Cherokee myths were lost due to the white man's myth that whiter is better. ANYWAY--

A man and a woman were created by Someone Powerful. It was Someone Powerful who taught man how to get woman pregnant--by slapping her with a fish. Yes, you read that right--slapping her with a fish. The slapped then gave birth in seven days.

Besides some other rather crude comments I would like but can't really make, I might as well end with a joke I learned at the White Springs in Glastonbury (so you can blame them, not me):

One day God decided to visit Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. He found Adam having a smoke. "Where's Eve?" God asked. "She's down at the river washing herself after our shag." Adam replied.

"Darn!" God exclaimed. "Now all of the fish will smell of fanny!"

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