Friday, September 15, 2006

A New Low In Pop Culture

I love Dragons. They're a part of my personal mythology. I think they're the stuff in between atomic particles. Almost all cultures in the world have some draconic thingamabob in their mythology, which shows they're in the human unconsciousness somewhere. I also think they used to allow themselves to be seen but now sit back in hiding in between subatomic particles and laugh their invisible asses off at us. We certainly give them a lot to laugh about.

But this is just a tad bit tacky. I'm all for free artisitic epression, but here's"Rider From the Mystic Realm", coming to a coupon booklet near you. This is only part of a trend to turn Dragons into Elvis. We're seeing him everywhere on everything. It's bad enough that there are dragon christmas ornaments, dragon fabrege' eggs and dragon collectable motocycles, but now there's dragon urban slang and computer smiley dragon feti. I don't know about you, but I'm really scared.

Now, I know Dragons are no sacred cows and enjoy a good laugh just like anyone else. Perhaps they even enjoy a Silly Dragon. But I do worry that there might be a fundamentalist fringe group among Dragonland that's gonna take this way too seriously and start blasting collectors or Prescious Moments dragons. Random arson among tacky dragon art collections can't in any way hold up to be arson by dragons in any world court. We'd wind up blaming each other and maybe even start sanctions and trade embargos and worse between the collectors and the not-collectors. This is the kind of thing I think about 'cause I can't find a decent job. Perhaps that's the work of fundamentalist fringe Dragonists as well.

I think I can work this up into a good conspiracy theory (unlike a really sad conspiracy theory). Maybe then I could get a manuscript published. I could build the dragons an altar and give to all kinds of Dragonism causes with the money (hint, hint, Dragon Gods ).

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