Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Satanic Blog Post

I'm trying to learn about Islam, which I may have mentioned earlier (I dunno--I should actually read back my posts. ANYWAY)Muslims are the new enemies of America, apparantly, just as the Commies were. The Commies were inhuman, remember? Well, as we were wrong then, I've got a feeling non-Muslims are wrong about Muslims. I've got a funny feeling they are human beings, too. Heck, I think even Arabian horses are Muslim. And Arabians are just too pretty to hate. Heck, there's more Arabians in America than in all of the Arabian Penninsula.

So every now and then I try to learn about Muhommed, the guy who started all the fuss. My apologies if I'm not spelling his name right-I've found several "correct" spellings.

I've discovered Muhommed lived in an era of warlords, heard transmissions from space and talked a lot about honor.

Then it hit me....

Muhommed was a Klingon!

Now the Federation and the Klingons became allies in the Star Tek Universe--and they were literally worlds apart. Klingons are cool. A little intense, but cool. You want a Klingon on your side. So why can't non-Muslims get it together with Muslims? All those at the UN and in politics should watch Star Trek. That'll take care of it. Then we can all become allies in time to fight global warming, but maybe that's just not logical enough for us.


Jarrel Michalski said...

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rraven said...

That's easy for you to say. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.