Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My So-Called Past Life

That's the big question, isn't it? What happens to us after we die? I do believe in reincarnation--but I don't believe in it too much. Recycling seems to be a universal component (along with hydrogen & stupidity, according to Einstein). The beginning of this universe, the legendary Big Band was, according to my theory, what happened when the Old Band of the first universe tried to do a cover version of Peter Gabriel. The fact that Peter didn't exist yet, let alone write his music, created that point of non-logical singularity that made the Old Universe Big Band go kerflooey.

(See what happens when I go through caffine withdraw? Blame the green tea!)

Everything gets recycled--what goes around comes around. It's all the same energy in different forms. The universe was created just so the Old Universe Big Band could explode. Simple concept. Work it out.

So souls are recylced. And in my previous life I am absolutely convinced that I used to be a hamster who spent a lot of time running on that little wheel.

But I don't let the knowledge of my past hamsterism rule my current life. Although I've been known to stuff my cheeks pouches on occassion, I'm not into seeds. However, if we all were at least as nice as a hamster, or at least as photogenic, the universe would be a much cuter place.

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