Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gotta Cut Back On the Caffiene

Last night, while trying to read a Carlos Casteneda book (I've read two now and don't understand a damn word) I had a sudden illumination into what the soul is:

A book.

But here's the deal--the book is the universe, and everyone (animal, vegatable or mineral)gets to write one line of the book of your soul. Everyone is then connected--like stars in the galaxy, like drops of water in the ocean--yet everyone effects what you do and you effect what everyone else does. There is only one soul, then, but we are all cells in the great Excel spreadsheet of Infinity.

Then I had the illumination that this all just might be a load of crap, so I had a chamomile tea instead.


bonni said...

BWHAHAHAH!!!!! :) Tea, indeed.

rraven said...

You can say that again. I'd try ands BWAHA but I think I'm going through caffine withdraw.