Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Om, Squat!

Does Deity exist? Although I respect all views, I think the answer is yes. Why? S/He just has a damn twisted sense of humor. (My blog-my rules: Proof of God/dess' exisience requires proof of taking the mickey with you)

I've trained my dog to pee or poo on command. She still does a good kangaroo imitaion, she doesn't come when called, but she will pee or poo within 2 minutes of the command:

"Gotta squat?"

My vet thinks this is nothing short of miraculous (especially when samples need to be taken). Yesterday, my pup was 22 months old. That's why I couldn't go online--too much puppy partying, which we do every month on the 13th, thank you. However, I have discovered that there is a Goddess known as Squat, Goddess of Parking Spaces. Well, the recitation of Her name sure helps Pony know where to park it.

Amazing things that can be realized looking at a dog's butt, especially if you're unemployed!

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